East Final Predictions Thread/Poll

Added a poll to quantify the predictions thread.

I’m going 28-23 Hamilton. Because in this weird season that’s probably what will happen.

Best thing about last week was it was over at half.

Presumably this allowed Jones to reveal a lot less if the game was tight.

Also the team won’t be going in this week mentally and physically drained as if the game had drama, OT etc.

If HAM loses it will be because they were flat out outclassed again.

If they win the shot of adrenaline and confidence coupled with some unexpected wrinkles for OTT on offense Jones could keep close to his vest will all be key thanks to the semi.

If I were a statistician, you’d have to ask what are the odds, given two relatively evenly matched teams:

A. That one team would win 4/4 attempts?

B. That one would team would win 1/4 attempts?

I think the odds are in our favor, go cats!!

It’s pretty scary when you have to pray that it isn’t a close game in case it may come down to a coaching decision.

Sinkfield a healthy scratch for two consecutive playoffs games is difficult to believe.

That's ridiculous, well Jones future hangs on this decision I'd think.

We owe Ottawa a smack in the mouth. Especially the D. This is the type of game players get hungry for.

Sinkfields fault for not going to Hawaii or Oregon. Gotta draw the line somewhere

Based on Coach Jones’ statements and behaviour in the past, I’m thinking the decision to play or not play Sinkfield has been a collegial one. Maybe Jones has the final say, but I’d think he consults with the other coaches before making the final decision.

You know, there is always the possibility that some of you have been over-rating Sinkfield, basing your opinions on his body of work from his last go 'round with the Cats some, what was it, four years ago? Maybe he is just not good enough to crack the line-up right now?

31-17 Cats.

If hes not better than McDaniel's production of zero catches of zero targets last week - he should probably be released. And I don't want to hear about blocking, that's not enough to waste a receiver spot in a playoff game. Rotate Sink with another RB/FB for the blocking where needed if its that big of a deal.

Coach Jones’ post-practice on Friday sounded like Sinkfield, more likely, could be a starter, or rotate in, at CB in the Grey Cup than this week. Dressing him in Ottawa, as a back-up, would seem like a sensible thing, considering he could play, in emergency situations on either D or O. On the other hand, other than as a returner, I doubt he’s schooled on contributing to special teams and that might have the coaches choose another player, to dress, over him.

Odds are in our favour. A 2 point victory for the good guys but feel free to deliver a smackdown.

Based on last weeks awesome performance and how it is hard to beat the same team four times this year, you guys are due and I am cheering big time for the Cats.
39-31 Hammer.
GC Champs.

It won’t feel right until we get garney to tell us how bad we are going to lose.

Redblacks by 12.

Ti-Cats by two TDs. Cats pressure Harris into frustration, disrupting his timing with Sinopoli and Ellingson.

Ok, now I feel better.

Ti-Cats by 6.

I’ll say 21 - 15

I was with Garney last time. This time not so much. Ticats by 3. I hope I don’t jinks it.

Yep. This has happened all year!