Get ready to get dominated bombers. You won't win in Montreal.

Gosh, 38-10 WOW! I think you should actually move to Winnipeg and maybe join the media! I will attempt to spell out how you can RATIONALLY predict a football game. First, take time out to look at defensive performance: Could it be that Winnipeg grades out as the best in the league? Second the talent on offence: A.C. is better than Kevin Glenn for sure, but it stops there. Blink Roberts is the best back in the league, ask Ricky Williams, he'll tell you after next week. The receiving corps I'll count as a sawoff although I personally think the Blue has the edge. Special teams, who could doubt the Bombers have more weapons. Coaching, well at least Doorknob Don and his gadget plays are gone. Get some sleep folks, this shapes up as a great one.

Yes a great one FOR ALS FANS.


Look at the other couple of times the Als have played against the Poopers: Montreal dismantled your team 3 out of the 4 times.

Your analysis of personnel is WAY OFF. The Als defense is peaking now. Look at how they shut the door on the Argos. Sorry to tell you this, but the Bombers aren't that much better than the Chokergonauts on offense!


Attention: Winnipeg fans.

Ignore the idiotic posts from the newcomer.

Im' an Als fan, always will be, but i would not come into your site and post such nonsense, nor would most true Als fans that I know.

I am happy my team won today, but it was close and a life and death struggle....and to say that our defence peaked because we "shut the door" on the Argos.......well good heavens this is the ARGOS offence we're talking about here.....it stinks anyway, could only produce 9 points against Saskatchewan for gawd's sake. Besides, Arland Bruce almost beat us single-handedly.

At any rate, go out and BEAT BC tonight gang, I"m rooting for you~ and again, apologies from a true Al and CFL fan.

...thanks...Madjack.....ALWAYS a voice of reason...in the hectic world of the Cfl....First of all the Bombers have to take care of first hand business...that would be beating the leos..no easy task....secondly if we do that....we will now have a home playoff game against the Argos...no easy task......BEFORE we even consider taking on the Als....and from what i seen today...they look like they're back to their winning form....so itoldyouso...and billyjimbo....there's a lot of football still to go....so QUIT JUMPING THE GUN.....if we win tonight...I hope the Argos got their woolies packed..... :wink: :lol:

Thanks papa; sorry but idiotic nonsense like that really annoys me so I could not hold my tongue....

I'll look you up if Mrs. Mad and I decide to take a weekend trip to the Peg next year....maybe you can score us some tickets :slight_smile:

…sounds good to me MadJack… :thup:

you guys are lucky bruce out of bounds play was really close and could have went either way if it goes in toronto's favor u guys would have been down 20-8 going to half-time and coming out with your heads hanging and for a fact alot of ppl that watched the 1st als vs bombers game in winnipeg would say that game was rigid by the refs and 1st game of the season we barely lost in mont. and 2nd game in mont we won u guys have better luck playing in winnipeg than montreal

I agree with MadJack

I hate when Als fans make stupid statements like that. it makes us look bad. Statement like that have a habit of coming back to bite you in the ass.
You did notice that his first post ever was to say I told you so!!

haha Seems like i told you so i like the over excited lions fans on the site HAHAHA. But ya moving on. this new guy looks like a idiot. don;t come to the blues forum page and bash us without expecting us to go right back at you. ya ok your als where cheap and ran the score up on us this season thats because the don was a prick. SO take your precdicition and go suck a lemon. if and when the bombers get through the als because blink will run amok and stegall will go endzone ur next on the list to get back home. So lets save the predcitions and let the teams battle it out.

Hey, Papa... don't know if you'll check back here but I was of course directing my comments to the initial prediction. I know how difficult it will be to get to the final but again I do believe my analysis of the Bombers strength is accurate and as I posted I think it will be a typical great CFL playoff game. Best to you.

lets not forget how the Al's try to take out key players, becha Stegal, Glenn and Roberts are targets... dirty cheap Als football, think I'm wrong review the facts, do the homework yourself, besides the last few times the Als made it the got their asses kicked, fluke of a team if you ask me

further to itoldyouso post. he says and i quote "face it bomber fans, this will be blowout pure and simple." the only thing that is pure and simple is itoldyouso

ok, let's review stats here, Al's beat the bombers twice, Blue beat the Argo's twice and the Als can hardly beat the argo's... you als fans are like your team, overly cocky. montreal's biggest mistake this playoff round is like this, Bombers or Argos, doesn't matter which one, the Als will overestimate them again, get their asses handed to them... or the Als will make it to the cup by pure fluke just to lose there... AGAIN!!!!!

keep ribbiting about the Als go ahead, but you'll be the ones whining and making up excuses when the Als screw up... again, how many other teams dropped the ball as bad as the Als did this year hmm ? there's something about a team who has all their starters in the lineup losing as many in a row as the Als did. coincidence ? I think not, proving the Als aren't as good as everybody makes them out to be ? I think so, but hey, whichever team makes it to the final... good luck to them, I mean that sincerely... it's just too bad Als fans are way too cocky with a team who has no reason to be cocky

jonnyrockin, i certainly am not an als fan. itoldyousos post was simply ridiculous. the only streak the als have been on in the last dozen games has been for about the last ten minutes. lol pls read my post carfully again. no disrespect meant for you mad jack.

WilliamL allow me to appologise dude, i misunderstood what was being said, so again i'm sorry man. i really should have looked at that a bit better, so that being said i will insert foot in mouth and face certain ridicule by the masses who read this, after all I acted like a jackass and deserve it

Well the main reason I posted so soon after this idiot "itoldyouso" posted was to make the point that he's one person, and not all Als fans are jerks like him; later in the thread you'll see ro1313 agreed with me, and he as well is an Als fan.

the thing that pisses me off is the games between the blue and the als are over before they even start if you ask the general populous of als fans. that's why i say they are too cocky about their team, however there are some really nice als fans out there, my wife is one of them, who aren't overly cocky. it's cool to meet those people.

jonnyrockin, ill bet that moron got his cfl certificate on the back piece of a roll of toilet paper. go blue!

It's jonny's comment about "the general populous [sic] of Als fans" with which I take issue........

I'd like to think that the majority of us are like myself, ro1313, and jonny's wife.

The way the Als have played this year, I doubt that any Als fan (save for the rare, odd moron) would be "cocky" about our team this year.