East Final in Ottawa this Sunday...

I was going to say the same thing without Andre's name , I think there are two others who judge us tough, Can the team play rough without over doing it and spoiling our chances with the 15 yarders against us?

Yes we can do it....

TiCats by one ....just like my last weeks prediction which was so close to correct ;0)


He is one Referee.

And he's one of the better ones.

Just don’t usually like the way his crew calls games…

With you there Doc. And why is this? I’m told that the CFL doesn’t have “crews?, rather they are put together game by game. Yet Andre’s games usually feature more calls, more confusion about calls, and more questionable, head scratcher, calls, both ones called and ones not called (I hesitate to say ‘missed’).

He spends far too much time talking with coaches, particularly Trestman, Campbell, and Buono. His RTP judgement, one of the calls he does make, IMO is shaky, and there always seem to be questionable DPIs and ICs, ones he normally would not make. It’s definitely puzzling to me.

Does he do anything right? ;D

He must do. He keeps showing up, and often in key games. Somebody, including those on this forum, obviously likes him! It’s just, when I see him trot out, I think we will be in for a tough game.:slight_smile:

It’s true…there are no “crews”.

He is a very good head referee.

And as an aside…I’m not related to him.

Didnt know there was no crews I guess I just don’t like him then. I don’t think that his calls are wrong or he hates the Ticats or anything. I’m not in that boat… just watching any game with him seems a little more scrambled and the wishy washy(not necessarily wrong) calls are everywhere. Just always feels like 3 times the penalties of any other game

Might be a language or communication issue if French is his native tongue.

I don’t give a crap about who the ref is…

All I know is I’m effin’ sick of losing to Ottawa. It’s time the team takes this personally and crushes them.

If Proulx is reffing I’ll lose my voice yelling at him…again.

Sunday can’t come soon enough. Getting hotel rooms was tough in Ottawa, tougher than getting the tickets behind the TiCats bench.

Oskee Wee Wee!

(and Bob, I can’t wait for the pre Grey Cup game post you’re going to make!)

We should do well in Ottawa if the free wheeling , wide open style of football is played especially like the first half of last Sundays game. The offense gets going like that then it brings up the defense to the same level…they feed off each other resulting with a win!

I wish I could provide the answers for you Mr. Young … I’m just praying they finally engrave your name on the Cup at the end of the year.

I was 8 years old when you bought the team with forever fading memories of 99, and I still believe you’ll bring the Cup back to the Hammer after graduating grade 8, graduating 12, dropping out of university, and starting my career. It’s been a long journey but I think it’s time we finally put the drought to bed.

I wish they’d kick the ball off tomorrow I’m ready for this.

Louis Butko (Louie B)?
17m17 minutes ago
June Jones said today Jumal Rolle, who suffered a cut to his achilles during warm up Sunday, is unlikely to go in the East Final vs. Ottawa.

If the football gods need more random sacrifices, hopefully they will realize we have already contributed our share for the 2018 playoff season.

In case they read these forums, I can think of a team that has not contributed, and rarely does. Won’t name them, but rhymes with DeadCracks.

Next FA signing season, I think we go for the RedBlacks medical and training staff. I think all the guys who rested in the Toronto game are on the 1 game injury list, but I would bet they are back, hale, hearty and healthy on Sunday.

All I got to say is why not replace McDaniel with Sinkfeild??It would give the R/Bs an
extra speedy receiver to worry about.

Of course thwy will be back on Sunday! What would you have done under same ciecumstances? Play your starters for 60?

No, I would not have played them. But is it not odd that they all sustained injuries at the same time, and all had to go to the 1 game reserve list? Surely you’re not suggesting that they were not really injured, and Ottawa would fabricate the moves? :wink:

Easy now. We don't want to rile up Baltic Fox again and get this thread locked. ;D