East Final Game Thread - BC-Montreal, 1 p.m. TSN

Hi folks!

It's the Als and Lions for the East title...tune into TSN and catch all the action!

Oski Wee Wee,


Thanks for starting this thread, Russ. And it's good to see you have your PC and Internet access back.

I wish I could've been the one who started this thread. I wish that right now, we could be discussing what kind of strategy we could use against this powerful Montreal team. I wish we could be wondering if Glenn could get 400+ passing yards again, etc. But as I said before, I can't be too disappointed how this season went for us.

I'd like to see BC win this, and I'd like to see Printers do well. After we got eliminated by BC, I'd like to see that Montreal could not beat this team either. But I think Printers will have a good game, but Calvillo will have a better game, and the Als will win as Cobourne burns the BC D.

Looking forward to what should be two good games today.

Indeed. I am rootimg for the Als, but if Casey can help the Leos pull the upset, I would be pleased for him!

It's nice to have a modem again. LMAO :wink:

Sorry, BYF, but I'm pulling for the Larks-they deserve this appearance after a super season.

Alright, game on.

I can't be the only one here who wants the west coast cats to win. :slight_smile:

And I think this will be the last time we'll have to listen to Rod Black this year. I think Cuthbert and Suitor will be in the broadcast booth for the Grey Cup game. But Black might do the play-by-play for the Vanier Cup game next Saturday.


3-0 Lions after the McCallum FG

ANDREW B. BALLHAWKINS! LOL -- nice reverse!

Duval booms a FG -- 3-3 now


Emry with the recovery for the Als!

TD Calvillo-to-Richardson -- that FAST!

10-3 Als with the convert.

Wow, one play after that successful strip of the ball was all they needed.

They just let Richardson get that wide open in the endzone, 10-3 MTL.

Montreal is going to kill them, who wants to see a West vs West grey cup anyhow! Way more interesting if it is a East vs West finial! That is why the cross over sucks!


Als deep in Lion territory -- Als can put the boot on the throat here....

Printers picked. He spent lots of time looking for open receiver, coverage must have been good.

Maybe Simon could have had that if he hadn't anticipated Printers throwing it somewhere else.

Well, there are some who are sick of seeing the Als in Grey Cup games. They can't seem to win them.

Simon turmed upfield after Printers broke contain -- he didn't see the throw!

Interesting to see shotgun formation on 3rd and 1, but it worked.

We did not get reminder of what happened in that EDF game 10 years ago in this same city though.

TD Calvillo-to-Watkins

Cue the rout if the Lions can't get it in gear!

17-3 Larks

Easy TD toss to wide open Watkins.

14 points off turnovers for MTL and the 1st quarter is not even over yet. Those two turnovers have made all the difference. Can BC get out of this hole?