East Final Discussion- Montreal vs. Toronto

Go Als. Game just kicked off.

Will it be Popp for Pope? We'll see.

I considered starting a game thread for this game, but I thought there might not be enough interest. But I guess we'll just have to see about that with this thread.

Anyway, 3-0 Montreal. They could have added to the lead, but Montreal fumbled and blue team recovered. And Armitage sure sounded excited after seeing that.

Poop from Popp, maybe.

And after the tipped pass from Calvillo was picked, blue team gets a field goal out of it. Right now, I can see this game going either way, though I'm still going with my prediction for Montreal to win a close one.

Huge return on the missed field goal. Als have great field position. But, why did the returner run into the blue team player :frowning:.

ummm…is anyone else’s cbc gone? I’m not getting any reception!!!

Yep, 77 yard return from Cobourne. Too bad there was a two-and-out after that. And Duval's field goal attempt bounced off the upright and in and so they almost really blew that one.

And I'm able to get CBC. But I'd prefer to not have the audio from it.



The Als looked good on that last drive that ended with Edwards putting it in the end zone.

Anyway, blue team has to punt after Allen sacked again, this time by a guy who is probably happy to be back in Montreal (Belli.)

16-3 at the half.

That's what I predict as well. :wink:

Anyway, Damon Allen is 8-11 for 57 yards, and he had taken a few hits. With so few passing yards, I would not be surprised at all to see Bishop put in later on.

This sure looks to be Montreal's game. Calvillo is in charge so far.
Is it my imagination, or is Armitage showing his bias towards Toronto?
Ignore that. It's a rhetorical question. The CBC always has a bias that way.

And that's the reason I said earlier that it's unfortunate that the audio from CBC is working well. :slight_smile:

And it's the reason I considered muting my television set and looking for somewhere on the radio where I can get game commentary from.

Unless Tor. pulls this one out this is the last time you'll see Damon.

He's done.

Game over.

And after great return by Levingston to start, they sure did not get a great start from the offence. Als return pick for TD. Now will we see Bishop?

And perhaps the blue team will be looking for a quarterback in the off season.

OH Steve Armitage, the mark of a good play-by-play is not picking favourites, that's for the panel to do.
I hve already heard a couple snide comments from Flutie to Armitgae, love it!

OH, my CBC reception is back, but i missed 1/2 the 2nd quarter, boo!!

Montreal 23-3

God's in His heaven, all's right with the world.

Montreal 23-3

God's in His heaven, all's right with the world.