East Final Attendance

Big game coming up this Sunday. Lots of great story lines in this one.
Looks like the REDBLACKS will end their sellout streak at 11 games though, with well over 1000 tickets still showing available. With rain/snow expected for Sunday, there likely won't be much of a walk-up crowd. That and the fact that the REDBLACKS haven't won at home since September 23rd. I don't get nearly the feel/energy/excitement in the city as last year at this time.
I'm still hopeful that the game will sellout, or at least the rain will either hold off or just come down as snow. The team will be handing out 20,000 cowbells on Sunday; lets hope they have a few scoreboard videos to remind people to only make noise when the D is on the field...

We need more cowbell !

I will be there but I noticed the ticket site is harder to get to for some reason I hope this didn't turn people off.

There were a lot of tickets available for the last game right up until game day too. I think it will sell out, very smart putting out a release that new tickets were just released. I think the string of sell outs discourages people from even looking for tickets.

I too hope the weather holds out for the game, much better atmosphere without rain.

Looks like they are calling for snow now.

Also appears to be less than 500 tickets left for Sunday. I think it's sold out tomorrow or standing room only.

Yes, I just checked the forecast on-line and they say rain in the AM changing to snow. :thdn: :thdn:
The one time that I would want to sit in the North stands, probably going to be a huge crowd jamming the south walkway.

NO issues with us die hard fans
We'll be in our seats in the South Side as per usual. No roof needed thanks!! :cowboy:

I prefer snow to the cold rain. Bring it on.

Loved the atmosphere outdoors (as opposed to inside a dome) and the snow blanketing the field so no one could see all those unnecessary detracting ads they paint on the turf these days.

Yesterday was a complete blast! So much fun. The snow just added to the atmosphere and definately affected the game.

Great game and I used my little cow bell giveaway . A game to remember for a long time .

Was the south side walkway crowded?
We watched on ESPN in Florida, I wish we could fly up to Toronto for Sunday.

It was CRAZY full LOL

Good thing I only had to get up at half time for more beer and a smoke and again at games end :slight_smile:

I got both a black one and a white, brought them to Toronto...and forgot them there. :frowning: