East Final Argos vs Alouettes - Montreal Brds.

Classy message boards. They don't seem to think it will be a walk in the park.

But they definately, have our quarterback down.

Hopefully, Clemons plays smart. :wink:

I look for this game to be closer than the 10.5 points Montreal is favored by in Vegas. Alot will depend on the ability to keep our Argo offense on the field and keep Calvillo off of it. Cleo Lemon will need to play a bit more of a prominent role in this game through the air and can't make many mistakes. I like the fact we are heavy underdogs heading into this one as there is no pressure on us and alot on Montreal. There is definately a chance to upset the Als here as long as we don't lose the turnover battle.

I will go out on a limb and go against Vegas…Clemon’s error rate dropped in the Hamilton/Toronto game…but they are still crucial errors…I think this year Calvillo has finally showed he is getting up there. Toronto just looked really hungry with Hamilton and I am hoping that it is carried over…just think this is the year. Not sure if we can go all the way, but…I will take this one.

Diamond Ferri really needs to keep his mouth shut. I have supported Montreal all year, but why do these jerks get so arrogant before they've even won the game? Others have been talking trash, too, but Ferri's comments were the ones that made headllines in the Gazette. No class.
Maybe the Argonauts are just a little "angry", too, and want to win this game!
Ferri just might be eating his words on Monday.

Regarding Ferri' comments; Boyd is not easy to stop and it could be a nightmare trying to keep Owen's at bay. Two of the best in the league; might not be that easy.

......you guys actually didn't think you had a chance did you? You won last week due to the Cats imploding, not because you beat us...Today was a great day for Cat fans. See you next year :wink:

Stop crying, and put some deodorant on. Cats suck, they have sucked since 2001. Win a play off game for a change then I'll listen to your two cents.