East Final Als VS Argos

This is definately a winnable game. But, to win the Als must do the following:

-Avoid getting penalties;
-Get pressure on the QB;
-Protect Harris;
and especially, play foot to the floor for a FULL 60 minutes!


Sewell limited today, Costigan DNP (ribs), Davis still DNP (non-football-related).

On the Argo side, Harris was a full participant for a second day of practice, joined by Peters, Muamba, and Banks. They will be a very tough team to beat...

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Some nice quotes from Thorpe and Sewell here. Apparently his hip thing isn't expected to stop him from playing this week.

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Yeah, he brought this up on the Waggle podcast this week. Really interesting stuff. But the counter, as both he and Muamba noted, is that even if you sniff it out, Montreal will get a body on a body in open space to make the bubble screen work. To the point of neglecting D-linemen and having the O-line trap block out in space against linebackers. They know who to neutralize to give those screens a higher chance of success.

I actually thought writing to Trestman, to ask if he would like to get back into coaching (with the Als). They make it clear on the contact page to not write about anything other than bookings! :rofl:

I expect the Argos to attack the Als Dline by running the ball often. It will be a tough game ...TO has a very balanced attack. Hopeful, but not overly confident.

They could not find a better picture of him?

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If Dinwiddie knows what he's about, for sure you would have to think that that would be the game plan.

I think they took it when he realized Jay Cutler was his QB in Chicago.


Yes, they should attack us by running inside. Beverette and Pickett have the speed to counter the run outside and we don't really have a physical MLB inside.

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That's what i'm afraid of...maybe dressing extra d- linemen like they did last week might help.

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Fyi..high of 5 degrees forecasted for sunday's game. No precipitation

Costigan has missed two straight days of practice, so he might be doubtful for the game. But otherwise I expect them to dress at least 7 DL.

I think we're stronger inside with Ackie and Bierra platooning at MLB, actually.

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Non, mais pluie la veille et gel pendant la nuit. Ça pourrait être glissant le lendemain...

Pas de mention de gel:
Chance of showers

Sat, 12 Nov

Cloudy. 30 percent chance of showers in the afternoon. Wind west 20 km/h gusting to 40. High 10. UV index 2 or low.

Night: Cloudy periods with 30 percent chance of showers. Low plus 1.

Mayala malade

Dans un autre ordre d’idées, il y avait un absent de taille chez les Moineaux à l’entraînement, puisque le receveur de passes Hergy Mayala brillait par son absence.

«Hergy est malade aujourd’hui [vendredi], a expliqué l’entraîneur-chef Danny Maciocia. J’espère qu’il sera en mesure d’être avec nous à Toronto. Nous devrions avoir des nouvelles à son sujet prochainement.»

En 19 parties cette saison, le Montréalais a capté 33 ballons pour des gains de 409 verges et deux touchés.

Si Mayala n’est pas assez rétabli pour affronter les «Argos», l’Américain Cole Spieker prendra sa place dans la formation. Ce dernier a réussi six attrapés pour 105 verges et un majeur lors des deux parties qu’il a disputées en 2022.

«Il n’y a pas grand-chose que Cole ne fait pas bien, a affirmé Maciocia. C’est un gros bonhomme pour un receveur et il s’impose physiquement. Si une opportunité se présente à lui, je suis sûr qu’il va la saisir.»

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Ça devrait être ok vers 13h.

That would not be a bad thing


Tant mieux alors! Mais il demeure la possibilité que le terrain soit détrempé.

si c'est le cas, l'avantage de l'attaque sur les faufilades à la porte des buts pourrait être inversé.