East Final 2013

Does anyone have a link or download of the East Final from 2013 at Sky Dome? The semi's from that year have a great "Game in 40 " treatment on YouTube . I can find highlights, or full games, of almost every other East semi or East final from many other years. The 2013 East Final doesn't seem to be online , not even a highlight package . (There is one on Youtube of just Fantuz highlights from that game).

I was there.
i will give you my play by play recollection.

We stunk in the first half but were great in the 2nd half.
Burris outdueled Robbie Ray.

sorry, I am old and thats all I got.

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Another random selection from my Youtube feed, for those who don't want to watch the full game:

2013 Hamilton Tiger-Cats: Journey to the Grey Cup

Covers the full season, but some emphasis on the East Final.