East Final 1998 - Osbaldiston's 54-Yarder

Sorry Als fans…

A game from 1998?
This needed a new thread in September 2018?

Because this forum wasn't around 20 years ago....and that it was 20 years ago...

I remember hearing about it a few minutes after it happened. I was sitting in the stands at historic McMahon waiting for the start of the Western Final against Edmonton. Someone near us with a portable radio told us.
1998- Dark ages of technology.

Mark Lee with Glenn Suitor.

Dave Ritchie falling to his knees.

Jock Climie dejected.

Great game.

One of the most memorable, exciting finishes in Eastern Final history.

I was actually in the stands for that one. Easily the most memorable game I ever attended…

I was there good game but, what a huge letdown when Osy kicked one right in the middle of the goal posts.