East Division

Who do you think is the team to beat?

Montreal and Winnipeg IMO. Unless something very surprising occurs(the Als pull an "'06 Eskimo", or Glenn is injured for a very long amount of time), I see these two teams competing for the top spot in the East. But things can change between now and when the season starts.

I understand how Montreal could be good, but why Winnipeg?
I am a bomber fan and it would be nice if they can be the team to beat, but I think we will a team just over the .500 mark.

I would go with Montreal. The other three teams just look really weak to me but there could be surprises.

I would go with Montreal, but I expect Winnipeg to be nipping at their heels. I think Winnipeg is a couple players away from being taken seriously.

(See I didn't say Starting QB again!)

I agree with Sportsmen. To me, Jim Popp is still an unproven entity as a coach. That was Don Matthews team that he inherited last year. This season he will be able to put a better imprint on it. I think Winnepeg has some momentum coming into this season.

While last year didn't finish the way they wanted, the year was an improvement over the previous and that's what you want to see when you are rebuilding.
Although, not a Glenn fan I will give him props for stepping up last year prior to getting hurt and if he can continue to be consistent they will have the edge, albeit a slight one, in the East.

Since they won the division last year, it has to be Montreal.

I agree piggy, but I think the Als will finish second this year.