East Division ..What The Heck Is Happening?

The Eastern division seems to be hitting an all time low... & that's saying something. I personally can't think of a reason for the continued dominance of Western teams over the last decade & more. No picking on individual teams please but I'd like to hear some opinions on why the East seems perpetually stuck in the weak little sister role. It baffles me.


Playing possum till the playoffs. Then . . . look out, West!



Two out of three defeats of both Montreal and Ottawa were with a margin of 4 points or less. Same with Hamilton if you count the OT game against Calgary. I see this as a cyclical problem for this beginning of the 2022 season more than a structural problem, which was the case in the previous seasons. Ottawa has a very good roster and I,m sure things will unlock for them later.


I'll step up to the plate and step in it first or maybe third (eww... now I have to scrape it off with a stick).

Every GM tries to build a team that'll take their team to the Cup. Honest. I overheard a couple of drunken bums on the corner of Portage and Main discussing this very topic. So it must be true.

The road to the Grey Cup in the West goes through Winnipeg right? NO ARGUING THIS BASIC LAW OF CFL PHYSICS PLEASE. Needless to say... all of the teams in the West have the bar set pretty darned high.

Meanwhile the road to that very same Grey Cup in the East goes through Hamilton...

First 2 games should be divisional and then one conference. Pattern should repeat until midway through the season and then switch to one conference and two divisional so you end up with divisional opponents at the end of the season. There's been too many conference games so far. BC has played 3 games and two of them have been eastern opponents. This makes the east look worse than they actually are in real life. Also, having the Argos start a game at 10 pm Eastern time helps make it look worse as well. That game should have been a 7 pm eastern start to at least give them a chance. Jet lag doesn't affect western teams as much when they go east. It's just a body clock thing.

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Because... they've been typecast? The same thing happened to William Shatner. He seemed to be perpetually stuck in the 'Heroic Skirt-Chasing Starship Captain' role which was too bad since it meant that he could never play a 'Weak Sister'... or any other role that didn't involve Space Travel.

ever heard of Boston Public or Hooker ?

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William Shatner would've made an ugly 'Hooker'... but no uglier than a 'Weak Sister' I'm sure.

Yes I've heard of T.J. Hooker. Shatner's toupee (the same type 'George' wore on an episode of Seinfeld) drew rave reviews and reprised its role in the first Star Trek Movie.

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Hamilton needs to replace the bench for their defence?


Johnson has 2 sacks in his last 16 games, Laurants last sack was November.....2019
That Will side of their D-line is so porous that two of their linebackers are 1st and 6th in tackles through 4 games and are worn out by halftime......

Don't forget Shatner's face was used for a mould in a low budget movie "The devil's Rain" than picked up in John Carpenter's "Halloween" for budgetary reasons

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Twelve rocking at once... pity the team cat.


It's sorta sad to go in their team room where they want to lynch the passing leader QB and the OC while the defence is allowing 30 points a game and not creating takeaways........

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It's like it couldn't possibly get any worse. Sorry. I'm killing myself laughing and I'm terrible for doing that. Still... AHHHAHHAAHAHAHA!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I am one sick puppy.

It's sorta sad to go in their team room where they want to lynch the passing leader QB and the OC while the defence is allowing 30 points a game and not creating takeaways........

You need to keep in mind that more than a third of those points were the direct result of interceptions and fumbles by their QB. Nevertheless their D hasn't been stellar either.

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With all of the call-ups to the NFL, USFL, and XFL because of competitive pay PER GAME (per season is deceiving) the CFL should redraft their entire rosters each season. This will make the east division teams competitive and increase interest in the league because every one of the nine teams will have reason to believe they're Grey Cup material.

Plus there will be a draft show to entertain the fans.

This would be a smash hit.

Also, do away with east/west divisions and have a single grouping of teams

Their coach said it - just catch rhe ball. Almost every one of the int's, like Friday night have been tips off their receivers.

If you can't catch it knock it down, not up.


So true Squishy.

The opposite is true if you're a DB. That's how Grey Cup Hero Deatrick Nichols won it for us last year. That three person volleyball routine he initiated kept Mosoli's pass in the air for just the right amount of time needed to get the interception.

They are so bad that they need to scrap the east/west division altogether and not even deserving of a home playoff gate revenue. How do they keep getting away with this every year? Give to teams who is the top 4 in the league deserving of a home playoff game.


In the alignment you're proposing the top four teams getting home playoff games would be Winnipeg, BC, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Great if you live in those cities. Kinda sucks to be everyone else though.

Mind you we could try it for a couple decades to see how it works out. What the hey. :smiley: :+1:


step 1, one division
step 2, many years with no home playoff game east of wpg.
step 3, cfl interest in the east gets even lower
step 4, at least 2 east teams fold,
step 5, the other 2 east teams fold
step 6. west teams become a semi pro league
step 7, good bye cfl.