East Division vs. Weak Division

So Berezin's recent whiny post got me curious about CFL coverage in Ontario, so I went to the London Free Press' website and found this article:

Has suddenly mighty East Division sacked its rep as league's weak sister?

It's actually an interesting read. I was thinking about this the other night (after Hamilton beat B.C.). When did the East become the stronger division? So far the East is 4-2 against the West.

The East only won 6 times last year against the West . You can only go up from there. The East has been dominated for 30 years. They may be due to have one decent year against the west ! It's still early to be crowning the East as the stronger of the two.

I wouldn't say 30 years. Toronto was really strong in the Flutie years, and Hamilton was also good in the late 90s. Montreal has been strong ever since they returned. And ... uh ... Winnipeg has the best fanbase in the East -- even through the biggest championshipless slump in recent history.

Personally I think it would be good for the East to take out the West in wins this year. Even if it's only a one or two win advantage. Makes for a much more interesting league. I still think my predictions at the start of the year will be pretty close with each division racking up 36 wins and no crossover. It's nice to see the East at least start well. If they can get to the end of July on even or better footing, then the rest of the year won't matter as much. Why? Because if the West had dominated the first two weeks, fan interest in the east would have dropped due to the "here we go again" mindset. Get through July with both divisions fairly even and everyone feels they have a chance. That will then carry into the rest of the year which will help attendance.

Flutie was in Toronto for 2 years and during that period Ottawa Winnipeg and Hamilton put up some awful win loss records. In 96, Ottawa was 3- 15. In 97 Ham, was 2 16 and wpg was 4 14. In the category that counts the most, is Grey Cups . The last 30 years, 20 WEST 10 EAST. The East does look a lot more competitive than last year, which is good for the league. I just hope it continues. Minus the Als, it seems when the other East teams build a strong team and contend for a year or two. The front office will make some stupid decisions that cripple their team and they end up losing again ?

It's only been two games, so I would be calling the west weak yet. The Argos had a chance on Saturday to help the cause but the funbles and penalties killed that. Don't count the Stamps and Lions out yet.

On the way to RC I remember thinking an Argo win would mean an Eastern sweep for week 2.
It was fun while it lasted.

Watching all the other division rivals lose, and then watching my team win and go a game up on them was fun. And it’ll last all week. It’s a new kind of feeling, but I assume Montreal fans can relate.

there was a season I believe back a while ago where the East had a better record than the West. not sure off hand which year but I think it was when Saskatchewan and Edmonton both had losing records... Sask was 3-15 and Edmonton was 6-12

Late 1990's and earlier part of the Decade I believe. Pre-Ottawa expansion. Hamilton, Winnipeg and Montrèal fielded some good teams.

Winnipeg was awful in the late 90's, maybe the worst teams they have ever fielded. The ti cats were solid from. 98 to 01, then things got ugly.