East division sucks

Respectfully Dave, you don’t have to constantly try to justify your desire for a grossly unbalanced schedule.
We get it.
I believe that most of us disagree with it, but that is just my opinion.

And if I had to watch Ottawa and Toronto play each other more than the three times that they did this year, I would be unable to take the competitiveness of the CFL seriously.

Lol, overkill you think?:-[

Seemed like a valid spot to reiterate.

I’m not sure that most prefer the balanced sched we have now. After all, the teams played most often tend to attract the most fans.

Hopefully we get that tenth east team so we can get a sched weighted for divisional play without going beyond that three times you so dislike.

There should be two championship games on November 24th.

At 1PM…the Eastern division championship …the CFL’s Div. II championship in the league.

At 6PM…the Western division championship also known as the Grey Cup…the CFL’s Div. I championship in the league.

Well, this game showed East was vastly inferior to the West.