East division sucks

First they lose the crossover battle.

Second they lose the east semifinal.

Here’s hoping the Eskimos win next week to put heavy pressure on eliminating a East vs. West only Grey Cup.

You forgot some points.

Third, Montreal lost their home playoff game.

Fourth, Edmonton beat the Alouettes.

Fifth, the Eskimos won on the road on November 10.

I could keep going …

You’re new to the CFL, aren’t you?

The fact that the east division is constantly weaker than the west division is well known to fans.
It is THE reason that a crossover rule was created.

The East division also happens to be home to the team with the best record in the league.

Other than Jeremiah Masoli, there was no proven quarterback in the East this year. Meanwhile the West was stacked with solid QBs. The fact that GMs in the East thought they could actually win like this is mindboggling. Teams in the East are just not built as strong for some reason, or can’t seem to resign their star players. It’s no surprise attendance in the East is so low, the lack of competition in the division makes for less meaningful games being played.

I don’t see Edmonton winning this Sunday. Hamilton is far too good a TEAM. They lost their #1 QB and you wouldn’t know it from how they just kept winning.

However, I am cheering for Edmonton this weekend because I think and Edmonton vs Sask/Winnipeg Grey Cup could be the best thing to happen to the league. Once they see that the world doesn’t end and fans still tune in to the big game maybe, just maybe, they pull their collective heads out of the sand and realize this east/west rivalry they cling to is non existent and the 2 division system is out dated and hurting their playoff credibility.

It just might be the final nail in the 2 division coffin. I doubt it but one can hope.

If Edmonton wins I hope you are right that the East/West rivalry is non existent. But I have my doubts. I’ve been to a lot of Grey Cup parties over the years both in the east and in the west and the only reason a majority were interested in the games since their teams weren’t in it was East vs West. Of course I’m of the older generation and it may not be true of the younger fans.

Complacency maybe? If you don’t see your competitors in your division getting any better, there’s no incentive. Maybe if Hamilton turns into the next Calgary or a Montreal under Calvillo you’ll start to see other teams rise up (ie early 2000s with Toronto and Montreal putting together solid teams).

They already had all west Grey Cups and the world did not end .

Winnipeg versus Calgary . in Montreal

Winnipeg versus Edmonton in Calgary

Winnipeg versus Saskatchewan in Toronto

Winnipeg versus BC in Ottawa

This could end up Winnipeg versus Edmonton again .

I do want Hamilton though as I hate the 8-10 champions .

But at least they would have to win two on the road maybe not the one’s maybe they should have had to play .

Not the greatest match up but it really doesn’t matter in the end who’s playing if TSN and CTV prefer the NFL to sell to the nation .

What of this was Hamilton versus Toronto or Montreal the idea of an all East Grey Cup is lost on so many . The east needs this buzz once in awhile .

The rivalry and eyes it could pull if they ever get this ship turned around is worth the change in format .

The first time finally for many moons. About time for sure.

Yeah, that could be it.

TOR tried desperately to get BLM. SSK tried to get BLM. He stayed in CAL (presumably to play in the Grey Cup game in front of home fans?).

OTT maybe, sorta tried to keep Harris, but EDM lured him with more money. Desjardins screwed that one up, in what was destined to be his second-last year at the GM level (with 2020 being his swan song).

MTL somehow thought Manziel might be the guy - traded away their future to reel him in. Whole team was in disarray in the off-season. Speaks more to the unstable ownership and poor management than a disincentive to improve.

HAM didn’t get the memo. Won more games than they needed to, contrary to the “incentive theory” prevalent on this board. Presumably they will realize it was a wasted effort and aim to fall back to 9 wins in 2020, along with all the other Eastern teams.

Prominent free agent QBs like Masoli, Nichols, Arbuckle and Collaros will have to fight over any open spots in the West (WPG only, I suppose), as Eastern teams have no incentive to improve.

Very good point. Anyone else notice that the CFLs national broadcaster did not broadcast either playoff game this past weekend nationally? Apparently that’s OK with the CFL because they just extended their contract recently.

Along with going to one division they also need to find a national broadcaster because right now they don’t have one. I don’t see these ostrich’s fixing either of those problems any time soon.

I’m from the east. So I see piles of people here want to ditch the 2 division format. So then we can have a lot of all-west grey cups. So fans in the east can have even more reason to despair, check out early in the season, and forget about the CFL. And stop buying tickets. Great business plan.

Seriously brilliant. Its bad enough having to endure mediocre teams, but at least we have a route to the Grey Cup. And the 50/50 Redblacks and Argos still stole the Cup in 2016 and 2017, and the mediocre Ticats came so close in 2014. Those were all great championship games.

I’m baffled by the meme on here that East Division teams suck because they have no incentive to improve. That explanation is beyond bizarre.

Everyone in every organization wants to win and win big. For everyone in football operations, winning is awesome. No one gets to that level without being compulsively driven to win, for it’s own sake. Everyone in the business operations yearns for winning ways on the field because it drives ticket and merchandise sales, and losing does the opposite.

Maybe. But it could also have the opposite effect where eastern teams are improving the product on the field as they have to win around the 9 game mark to make the playoffs or the 12 win mark to host a playoff game.


Ask Kavis Reed if he had any incentive to improve MTL’s record.

Ask Popp if he had any incentive to improve TOR’s record. (Or Chamblin in another couple of weeks.)

Ask Rick Campbell if he had any incentive to improve OTT’s record.

It is a bizarre explantion, but it’s also bizarre that the east has been pretty consistently worse than the west for decades.

With the now almost fully interlocking schedule, perhaps the fact that east teams have to play ten games outside their division while the west teams only play eight games outside theirs is having an effect. Maybe the league should retool the scheduling so that both divisions play the majority of their games within the division.

Employment = salary = dollars

What I don’t understand is staying with the status quo ?

Since 81 the East has been a compete mess with incompetent organizations .

This year .

Argos should have folded .

Als should have folded .

RB’s maybe next with the ridiculous season this year .

The Cats ever get bad they will fall too no matter what event type promo .

Mediocre and getting by with help from the league has had a negative cause and effect .

Let’s try authentic and see if this formula works better . It really can’t be any worse than what we have now with fire trucks in Montreal and The Argos forcing an uncomfortable arrangement with the league’s only broadcaster as owner .