East division still sucks!

How many more decades do we have to put up with this crap?!

Redo the schedule NOW and have 3 divisions with three teams each, with four teams making the playoffs with a best-of-three semifinal round.

Seems to me you're the only person pushing this agenda. I personally don't like it at all.
Anybody in favour? (& the East would still suck anyway, it wouldn't change that)

I can't seem to get this through your head. The east division would cease to exist under the 3,3,3 format.

You're right, I have a mental block, I just can't get my head around how this would make Tor/Mont/Ott/Ham any better.

I'm fed up with the CFL owners not adopting my suggestions over the decades I've been following the league.

I'm starting to think the dumbest people in society are in charge of the CFL.

Au contraire. I hear that that CFL owners are having a meeting this week with a view towards approving your dome for every stadium idea. Sources say that they will overwhelmingly approve, as long as you pay for it.


Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Toronto is undefeated.


To poster EZ
The cfl dont listen to your ideas for one very good reason. I would tell what it is but then i would get banned.:grin: