East Division Standings Predictions

Whats everyones HONEST final standings this year in the East?

  1. Winnipeg 13-5
  2. Toronto 10-8
  3. Hamilton 7-11
  4. Montreal 7-11

You never really know how things are going to play out in the CFL, you can go from worst to first in any given year. Having said that, I'm very curious, what makes you believe Winnipeg will have a 13 win season?

Montreal 12-6
Hamilton 10-8
Winnipeg 7-11
Toronto 6-12

What happened to Hamilton and Montreal's other 2 games?

All Fixed..

Toronto 12-6
Winnipeg 10-8
Hamilton 9-9
Montreal 8-10

But I'm not mortgaging the house on this.

An Argo-Cat fan

Toronto 11 - 7
Montreal 11 - 7
Winnipeg 9 - 9
Hamilton 7 - 11

Rome wasn't built in a day!

I think the Ticats will get off to a rough start while all the coaches and players feel each other out, and then have a strong finish kicked off with a win on Labour Day!

  • paul
  1. Montreal 12-6
  2. Winnipeg 11-7
  3. Hamilton 9-9
  4. Toronto 8-10

Montreal will not be as dominant, Winnipeg will be the most improved, the Cats begin the road back to the top while the Argos are well, the Argos.

Remember what happen the last Time we had new Coach.
We won at 1st then took Slide the Push our way in the playoffs.

I think it could happen again.

How can you make a prediction when training camp hasn't started and no pre-season games??

Let's not forget all the predictions last year at this time - 16 wins, 14 wins, etc, let's make the predictions at the end of training camp.

I was with you until this point ...

I agree. This year will also feature a lot of player movement with cuts now also being made with the SMS as an additional consideration into who gets to stick. It will be interesting to see if the quality of cuts actually goes up with SMS as an added factor.

I need to see evidence of one of the QBs in camp emerging as the bona fide starter, of the receiving corps gelling (to use a hackneyed term), and how the D-line coheres. Multiply that by 8 teams....LOL

As I've stated in another thread, the East Division's quarterbacking ensemble has a lot of shaking down to do. I think I will have a better handle on my prognostications once training camp is complete.

Oski Wee Wee,

You got it QB will be a big part of the story. If Maas cant step up we start praying for a miracle that the other guys do or we could end up with a few wins again this year. So watch for the early signs at QB and a few prayes to the football Gods.

Winnipeg 10-8
Hamilton 9-9
Montreal 9-9 with the series win to Hamilton
Toronto 7-11

Playoff bound nothing less this year

Montreal 10-8
Toronto 10-8
Ti Cats 8-10
Winterpeg 8-10

Toronto 11-7
Montreal 10-8
Winnipeg 8-10
Hamilton 7-11

Montreal 13-5
Hamilton 10-8 :lol:
Toronto 10-8
Winnipeg 9-9

Hamilton 9-9
Montreal 9-9
Winnipeg 9-9
Toronto 9-9

Hamilton 18-0
Montreal 3-15
Winnipeg 2-16
Toronto 0-18

Hey I can dream can't I!


Much will depend on what shakes out during training camp, and injuries during the season (as in if Glenn goes down in Winnipeg for any extended time they'll fall to last place).

That said, barring such unforseen factors, I'd say:

Montreal 10-8
Winnipeg 9-9
Hamilton 8-10
Toronto 5-13