East Division... here we come

Not trying to be a downer .. but I think we are headed to the crossover at this point. Nothing wrong with that though.. hey wouldn't be great, BC representing the East, Riders West and we kick their butts!!

Not so fast LeoFan, there are still 2 other teams are still in for the running of that position. It looks like it will still come down to the wire with a photo finish.

I think if we lose to the Eskimos this Friday, we are headed for the crossover. First place would be very difficult, we would have to win out, and Calgary would have to have a collapse. At any rate, it will be very interesting.

Friday's game is huge. Lose it and we cross over. Win and we have a shot in Calgary on the last week of the schedule.

Yea there's a huge chance still of winning the division. Win those last 3 games and we host the West Final.

Here is the situation. Remember that Toronto could still finish Second:


Question is Do you really want the Argos to finish 2nd? Why would you want a team like that in the playoffs. Bombers will take 2nd