East Division Final Predictions.

Fears, worries, analysis, insights…it all goes here.

At their absolute best EDM is an average foot ball team.
At their absolute best HAM is lights out.

Please, no “but, but , Harris yesterday something something”. The semi wasn’t remotely typical of EDM this year and it took a Glanville-esque MTL defense for Harris to accomplish it.

We. Aren’t. MTL.

HAM wins handily by three scores.

I know many aren’t used to this but we are the best team in the league.

Edmonton didn’t become a great team overnight. They played their best game of the year and needed turnovers to win.

Hamilton is too deep, we have a true home field advantage and Coach O will have the team ready.

We have veterans that lost to EDM at home a few years ago, lost a Grey Cup on a holding call and know what can happen in a 1 game playoff. Nobody gets taken lightly.

34-20 Ham.

Obviously its in TSNs best interest to create viewer interest for the game so dont expect reports and analysis this week to reflect the fact a 15 win team is playing an 8 win team at home on Sun.
Expect someTSN love for HAM but there will be a lot of Harris loving.

Trevor Harris has NEVER played two great games in a row. He was lights out yesterday in Montreal so…just sayin’.

I was one of the folks that had predicted Mtl’s cinderella season comes to an end. It was a great season for them, based on expectation and how they finished last year. So Congrats to them and hope they find a new owner. Was nice to see 21,000 in the stands, as well. (This leaves Toronto, the one loser city that does not value the CFL)

Now comes Trevor Harris, wish he played one of the regular season games against us. He was beating Mtl defence with a 5-8 yard pass consistently; we’re gonna need a tight defence.
Our offence will have to utilize all of its weapons. Dane will have another test, playing in the playoffs with all the pressure; unlike most of the regular season, where pressure to win any single game was relatively low. But I have faith.
If weather is clear, we take it 35- 24.
If weather is crap, that is the equalizer and Trevor & Greg have lots of experience in playing in bad weather - will be intetesting how our offence deals with bad weather.

A brave front in the face of fear.

TSN: Hire this man.

The Ticats will be totally prepared for Harris’ dink and dunk short passing game,
We will get pressure on him, Our front 7 is best in the League! 8)

I only fear Cody Fajardo because I heard he was GREAT!!!

One might even say outstanding

Eskimos will have a city behind them next Sunday.
You will have an entire division.

Please crush them and then bring the Grey Cup back to the East.

You caught me. I was auditioning to take over for Rod Black. All I need to remember is Steve Tasker is the father of Hof CFL receiver Luke Tasker…or something like that…

Harris is a step up from Logan Kilgore that we faced when we played them this year, but I don’t think that’ll make a difference.

I’ll say final score:

Hamilton 34
Edmonton 18

Time for Ham to lay a overdue whoopin on that showboat Trevor Harris >:(


Irresistable force paradox.

Harris did something yesterday, did something last year to Hamilton. It could happen again for reasons. Everybody stop being something.

Harris was good in the first half. In the second half Edmonton went back to marching the ball but only scoring field goals. Montreal played a very vanilla zone defence all day long. there was zero pressure on Harris. I don’t think Harris even had to move his feet to avoid a rusher in the first half. He won’t see that kind of defense from Hamilton. The only part of Edmonton defense that’s good is the front 4 and the 2 linebackers they stole from us. The back end is week.

Ham 35
ED 19

Harris Shmarris ??Hamilton for the win 32-16. Ticats are a great team. We have what it takes. Oskee wee wee!!!

im hoping everybody picks us to win - cause then nobody will be able to make up some lame “I told you so, this always happens” comment.

If you think we’re cursed, state it now.