East Division - Any team But OTTAWA

OK, it is to early for the East to be considered lame again.
Also, to early to think about Grey Cup teams.

PLEASE , let's hope any other team comes out of the East ( including X-over ).
I have nothing against Ottawa.

I cheered for them to win in 2015, and I was even happy for them in 2016 when the ended a 40 year rest. :thup:
However, IMO to have the same team in the Grey Cup 3 years in a row , is just a boring bin there done that set up.

It was horrible when the Als got there year after year after year. :thdn:
They earned it, but it still sucked.

I am hoping the Argos can get going and pull ahead of the pack. ( and gain back some fans ).
Or perhaps the Als will have confidence after taking down the Stamps.
Right now the Bombers are the 4th best team in the CFL, so perhaps they can cross and run.
My Eastern Cats look like an early right off. Forget the 2014 turn around. They had the coaches and players back then.

This thread would have been more suited around Labour Day, but just wanted it out there.

Or a left off. :lol:

I hope that the ORBs do make it back, but don't think that they will.

At this point I just hope that they can collect their first win before August. :oops:

I like Ottawa and expected the slow start. They will be fine.

How many more losses before they try to lure Burris back out of retirement?

Just to clarify, you " like " Ottawa.

Do you mean you like them to come out of the East, or you like as in you are a fan.?

I assumed by your member symbol , that you are a Cats fan.

Regardless, I like Ottawa also. I just do not want the same team in the Cup Final 3 years in a row.

Yet, with a 9 team league and slow starts in the East , it will not be a surprise.

ARGOOOOOOOOOOS. Stay healthy Ricky.

You make a good point -- "if Ricky stays healthy" - same in Montreal with Durant. Both are injury prone and both teams have no depth at QB.
Despite the Ottawa record I think they are the class of the East, they were a few mental errors short of a 4 - 0 start.
But having to play tonight and again Monday night? that's brutal.

It is a brutal schedule. CFL suits could have done better. :roll:
Plus, the major portion of the winless record has come against Death Valley ( Alberta ).
Tough for any team.

Yeah, you never know!

But if they beat the Argos on Monday night they are in first place................. :oops:

I'm thinking , Durant is slowly getting it together, and if he stays healthy , I see Montreal - b.c. Grey cup .