East Div. Semi - Final: BC @ MTL

Travis Lulay put on active roster today. Just sayin'

I'm not sure starting him would be a good move if that's the plan. How long has he been out for?

I know he is supposed to be the number one starter but he has been injured virtually all season. I also know they brought Glenn in as his backup and insurance. He has played well as always. He's the guy who actually go them there, they should go with him in the ESF. BC has crossed over 3 times before and never won the SF game. All time record for crossover teams is 2-5.

Crossover results:
In 1997, the BC Lions lost to Alouettes 45-35.
In 2002, the Saskatchewan Roughriders lost to the Argos 24-14.
In 2003, the BC Lions lost to the Argos 28-7.
In 2005, the Saskatchewan Roughriders lost to the Alouettes and lost 30-14.
In 2008, Edmonton Eskimos won semifinal 29-21 over Winnipeg. Edmonton lost EDF to Alouettes 36-26.
In 2009, BC Lions won semifinal 34-27 in OT. BC Lions lost EDF to Alouettes 56-18.
in 2012, Edmonton Eskimos lost to the Argos 42-26.

I wish them luck this year however. I would love to see the BC Lions in the EDF vs our Tiger Cats.

Umm,unfortunately they did win the ESF in a crossover back in 2009 against us in that 34-27 OT game. :cry:

[url=http://www.cfl.ca/article/lions-roar-past-cats-into-eastern-final]http://www.cfl.ca/article/lions-roar-pa ... tern-final[/url]

Ironically the Als did indeed destroy the Lions the next week in the EF and wound up winning the famous 13th man Cup over the Riders. The same three teams are involved again this year as in 2009 in the East playoffs,the big difference though is that this year the Cats are in the drivers seat waiting too see who wins the ESF between these two. :smiley:
GO CATS GO !!!! :rockin: :rockin: Personally I don't really care who we face in two weeks time,either one will do just fine for me. If its Mtl then it means its East vs East and we get to permanently Shut them up this time(looking directly at you Bear Woods and Coach Higgins and son of Chris Carter :stuck_out_tongue: ) If its BC then we can ruin their aspirations of winning the Cup in their home park and halt the 3 Cup streak of home teams winning the big one.So as you can see either team will do quite nicely for our opponent in the EF at THF where we are UNDEFEATED at 6 wins and counting. :cowboy:

Sales still very sluggish.

They will be lucky if they get 17,000 :thdn: Brutal, it's obvious their fans have no faith after the last game :roll:

Semi finals arent the draw some media and critics assume they are but this is poor by any measure.

There is some bad blood between these 2 teams, earlier this season B.C. accused the Larks of running up the score on them!
Hope they beat the daylights out of each other! :rockin:

Matthew Scianitti ?@TSNScianitti 8m8 minutes ago
#Als head coach Tom Higgins says RB Tyrell Sutton (ankle) says he will be evaluated up until gametime. Sutton sounds confident

A crowd of 17,000 is projected. Brutal.

This will be the smallest crowd so far this season

[b]The Snap: Als' playoff game proving a tough sell


Alouettes president Mark Weightman won’t disclose how many tickets have been sold for Sunday’s East Division semifinal against the British Columbia Lions.
Therefore, he also won’t disclose how many tickets remain at 24,000-seat Molson Stadium.

[u][i]Weightman will admit, however, he anticipates total attendance will be somewhere between 15,000 and 16,000, depending on the walk-up crowd.

That would be Montreal’s lowest crowd of the year- for a playoff game. Draw your own conclusions. But Weightman denied professional football’s becoming a tough sell in the city.[/i][/u]

“I don’t think one game’s a barometer for the interest of football in this city,? he said. “There’s a very strong interest for football in this city. We have to work extra hard and give our fans easier access.?

While the Als were guaranteed a playoff berth with two games remaining, once they defeated Toronto, they didn’t know until last weekend, following a loss at Hamilton, they would finish second and play in the semifinal.

Had the Als defeated the Tiger-Cats, they would have automatically advanced to the division final, Nov. 23, giving the organization an extra week in which to sell tickets.

A one-week window, Weightman believes, was simply too short a period.

The Als averaged 20,675 spectators this season, not once coming close to selling out the facility, located on the campus of McGill University.

The Als’ smallest crowd was 19,440, for a game in late August against the expansion Ottawa Redblacks. A season-high 23,069 attended a Thanksgiving Day game against Saskatchewan during which the jersey of legend quarterback Anthony Calvillo was retired.

While Montreal season-ticket holders must purchase the exhibition game as part of their package, any potential playoff match is optional – a procedure Weightman admits might have to be re-addressed moving forward.

[u][i]The Als control the gate for Sunday’s game, although all sponsorship properties go to the Canadian Football League. The team – specifically, owner Robert Wetenhall – covers the operating costs of both teams.

In other words, Wetenhall potentially will take a financial bath on Sunday.[/i][/u]

“Would it be a better financial situation if we were sold out? Sure,? Weightman admitted, stating the obvious. “Are we disappointed we won’t sell out? I’m disappointed every game that doesn’t sell out.?

Between 1997-2000, the Als staged all playoff games at Molson Stadium. Starting in 2002, they decided to move indoors, to 55,000-seat Olympic Stadium, since it provided the opportunity of a larger gate and increased revenue.

But now, because of the tenuous state of the roof at Olympic Stadium, playoff games no longer can be staged there. The Olympic Installations Board has decreed no games shall be played when snow’s forecast within 24 hours of kickoff.

Coincidentally, some weather forecasts are calling for between 1 and 3-cm of snow on Sunday.

Notes – Als running-back Tyrell Sutton, recovering from a sprained ankle, didn’t practice all week, potentially making him doubtful to face the Lions. He would be replaced by Brandon Rutley. …

Kick-returner James Rodgers, recovering from a concussion, also didn’t practice this week. He’ll probably be replaced by Mardy Gilyard, who suffered a partially torn hamstring on Aug. 1, against Toronto, and hasn’t played since. …

The Als are offering a ticket promotion for the Lions game. Fans can purchase four tickets for the price of three. There will also be numerous pre-game activities. There’s a “warm zone? located in the Fan Zone, along with a pre-game party in the park, located on the east side of the stadium, which begins at 9 a.m. Barbecues will be provided by the team, along with free crepes.[/b]

Weather keeping the casual fans away - that's my take.

A one-week window, Weightman believes, was simply too short a period
The Cats sold out their game in a week... and they don't even know who their opponent is yet. :roll:

in the Als fans defence, this year's TiCats ST included the playoff game, we have a brand new stadium and our prices are a lot cheaper.

Sort of makes a case for not outpricing yourself.. those prices were doomed to fail right from announcement!