East Champs Swag

Hey guys,

This is my first post on the Ticats forum. My brother and I are Riders season ticket holders (and die hards). I was wondering where if anyone has seen Ticats merchandise saying something along the lines of "2013 East Champs" on it. I would like to buy some. I have checked the CFL online store and haven't found anything! Maybe you guys have a better idea on where I could find some.

NOTE: I am not trying to rub salt in your wounds. Both my brother and I have always enjoyed seeing the Ticats win since we started watching the CFL in 2000. He even owns a Ticats Jersey and hat and has even made a trip to Ivor Wynne for the Labor Day classic (and sported a Ticats jersey + hat).

I Hope any Ticats fans that made the trip to Regina last weekend enjoyed Saskatchewan


Haven't seen any, but I wouldn't mind a lapel pin.

from what I heard at the Ticats store on Jarvis there likely won't be any merchandise proclaiming our Eastern Division Championship.....sad really