East Catching the West

The East got off to a record slow start vs the West but that has swung in recent weeks.
Hamilton opened in the West to a slow start at 0-3 all on the road. Since opening THF the last few weeks at home they are now 2-0 vs western visitors and 1-0 on the road.
Montreal just beat the best in the west Calgary in Montreal and will look at the same possibility vs the Riders next week.
Toronto 1-1 the last two weeks away in the West with some receivers returning from injury. Forced Calgary to make a 2nd half rally to win but followed up with a win in BC posting 40 points all from the offence with two passing TDs, 2 rushing TDs and 3 FGs.
Hamilton hosts BC and Toronto EDM. A pair of wins for the east here would go a long way to prove that they have caught up and week 13 was no fluke.
Ottawa hosts Winnipeg who has come down to earth after a fast start winning close games have evened out in the natural course of the season.

One week doesn't erase 12 weeks of getting thumped by the other division. Toronto and Montreal have a whole 1 win each against the west recently and that's a winning streak? :lol: :lol: Hamilton is the only team with any sustained success at 3 straight wins against the west, but one of those games was against Saskatchewan and one against Winnipeg. The bombers have hit the skids over the last 7 or 8 games and the Riders have just plain imploded since Durant got injured. I know the QB is important but it doesn't explain the atrocious defense by the Riders.

Talk to me at the end of the season when the east is won by Hamilton and they are the only team not below .500 (just barely at 9-9). Talk to me at the end of the season when all 5 west teams have better records than all but Hamilton (and possibly the Ti-Cats too) and talk to me Grey Cup week when we are preparing for an all west Grey Cup.

Week 13 was a fluke until proven otherwise and anyone that wants to call one good week out of 14 as a turn around is just a wishful eastern fan that refuses to accept facts.

Not going to catch up. however it would be nice if atleast one eastern team can finish with a 500 record

Yeah, I think most realized Hamilton would bounce back late, and the Argos just had too many key injuries (losing all their SBs in what…2 weeks) and look better now. I think the surprises are that the ORBs only have 1 win and that the Als have seemed to turn it on when it was looking like they could be tanked.

Off the main topic, but an interesting stat this season is the short weeks. All coaching staff seem to be managing it poorly, or the games scheduled like this simply don’t work. Of all the short week game I believe there has only been 1 win for the short week team.

I challenge you dcmoses; when the east is won by Toronto and they shall be the only team not below .500 (9-9) and… thus Grey Cup week, preparing for an all true East vs West matchup :wink:

East/West Grey Cup? Maybe. I’ve said no and I stand by that, but it wouldn’t completely surprise me if the Ti-Cats got in, but the Argos? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Not only do they not make the Grey Cup they don’t even make the playoffs. Seriously? The worst Defense in the league, the worst coach in the league, an offense so pathetic they have to bring a RB out of retirement and this is the best team in the east? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Ottawa is a better team and they couldn’t score a TD even if you gave them 1st and goal from the one.

Argos? :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That’s funnier than than the Riders winning without a QB. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Nice Avatar

I LOVE IT :smiley: Keep telling yourselves out West,how good you are,thump your chests and look down your collective noses at the East. I love seeing people in complete denial,reality check time here for you Western boys and girls,you all had your fun beating us up in the East in the first half of the season,well guess what ? It was fun while it lasted.I think that it’s hilarious that all you talk about is that the East will be lucky to have a .500 team end up in 1rst place and that the West is so much superior to what we have to offer out East. The only reason that the Riders will finish at .500 is the fact that they somehow fluked out a win over the new kids on the block after allowing them to score 32 pts against them,otherwise they end up a sub .500 team for the season,the B.B’s after a great start will end up at a sub .500 record and the Lions will also slip below .500 at seasons end. In fact I will go on record right now and state that there will be NO crossover this season,and that the three “dregs” from the East will all make the playoffs and the universe will unfold as it should with an East-West Grey Cup final. So there West !!! Put that in yer pipe and smoke it :cowboy: :slight_smile: and while we’re at it you can smoke it also Mr.DC Moses :lol: and your “wannabe” Ti-Cat Avatar :lol: We all know you ain’t no Ti-Cat fan :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: and talk to me Grey Cup week when we are preparing for an East-West Grey Cup :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :cowboy:

What are you smokin’ bob and where can I get soem? :lol:

The Cats will finish first and likely at 9-9, as for the rest of the least…oops, I mean east 8) not a chance at .500. I agree the Bombers are slipping and there is far more wrong with the Riders than a lack of QB (the loss of Durant doesn’t account for the dissappearance of their league best run game and the almost complete implosion of their defense), but BC is chugging along nicely and will either finish 3rd or take the crossover.

Just to clear up a few things, I am not from the west, I am likely farther east than you are (closer to Kingston than Toronto) and you are correct I am not a Ti-Cat fan as some have understandably pegged me (self-exiled Argo fan and what better way to vent your frustrations against the Argos than take the avatar of the enemy).

bobo, a wager, if there is a crossover you change your avatar to the Argos for the playoffs and Grey Cup. And no Argo sucks, it has to be one from here. Second, if the Grey Cup is not an east-west game (to be clear one team from each division and crossover team is not a temporary east team, I can smell the wood burning in your head already :wink: ), you keep that avatar until Labour Day next year. I’ll let you change for the LDC.

Put your avatar where your mouth is. You can offer up what you would like if I lose. Deal or are you…chicken? :cowboy:

I think it's going to be an Eastern sweep this weekend. Ottawa, Toronto and Hamilton all at home playing slumping teams.

Ya got a DEAL DC :lol: Nobody calls Bobo a chicken !!! :x :wink: Let me think about what my options can be for you WHEN you lose the wager…and oh ya…trust me you will lose this bet :smiley: I’ll get back to you with my offer of what is required from you for me when I am victorious 8) 8) :rockin: :rockin: :stuck_out_tongue: In the immortal words of Stewie Griffin…

Knew I could count on bobo for a little fun. Probably didn't need to throw in the chicken insult, but it felt right. :rockin:

It's weird. I hear talk every year about how the season doesn't really matter until after Labour Day. But this year, the eastern teams started slow out the gate and only started to pick up steam as we enter the stretch drive for the season .... and that's proof that the East is super-weak? Be consistent, folks. :wink:

Yah, try telling that to The Bombers, Lions and whoever ends up 3rd in the east. What the Riders did before and during labour day, has them in a position to be as dreadful as they have been the last month and still making the playoffs without even winning again if they can’t squeak out another one along the way.

True. My Als basically did that every year from 2000-2010, but everyone said, oh they’ll just run out of gas or “fade” down the stretch. :roll: :wink:

The east isnt picking up steam if Durant and Mitchell were still healthy Regina and Calgary would still be burning up the league

Several teams in the eastern division have begun to turn things around and it is about time. I figure that a team that finishes with at least 18 points could make a run for the Grey Cup and 3 of 4 eastern teams have a chance of doing that though of course this doesn’t mean they’ll all do it.

I’ve always liked to see parity in the CFL not just in a division. Most of us have watched the CFL long enough to know that scoring the most points, having the fewest points scored against and finishing off at the top of the league means little when it comes to the playoffs. A lousy playoff game and the team is out. A key injury going into the playoff game or during the game can end things real quick.

On paper at least, it appears that Calgary and Hamilton will be the teams representing East and West this year. It “appears”. Unfortunately, no one could have predicted that the Lions for example would lose their star RB Andrew Harris, not to forget Logan and Brown. Another star is Courtney Taylor and of course premier QB Travis Lulay. It will be interesting to see how the Lions fill those gaping holes.

The same thing can happen to the Stampeders or the Ti-Cats, opening the door for another team. This would level the playing field come Grey Cup time.

Is the East “catching” the West? I’m not sure what the writer was meaning but certainly the East is playing a lot tougher now than weeks ago and it is good to see. The team that makes it into the Grey Cup may have a good chance of bringing the cup home.

Regardless of how far ahead Western teams are in the stats it is going to come down to which team is the healthiest and has peaked at the right time. It could well be an Eastern team.

Calgary is formidable, has great depth and for the most part is healthy. Statistically the Stamps should win it all if the team can stay healthy and doesn’t think the playoffs will be a cake walk. They should not only be in the Grey Cup, they should win it. The Eastern representative is not going to lie down and play possum so I’m not going to rely on stats.

I’m still willing to bet it will be an Edmonton/Hamilton Grey Cup but don’t bet on it. I’m terrible at predicting. :wink:

Wait. Injuries to key players affect a team’s ability to compete? Where was that attitude when the Ticats were struggling because their starting QB and most of their o-line was injured? Or when the Argos were missing all of their slotbacks, and not just their starters?

What goes around, comes around.

Ti-Cats yes, Argos no. Argos have been slowly adding starters back to the line up but mysteriously are 1-4 in their last 5. Could it be that the team just plain sucks this season and injuries are hiding that? Could be.

You’ll never get an argument from a Ticats fan about whether the Argos suck. :lol:

I included them because that’s the only team anyone, especially the TSN talking heads, seemed to be giving a pass to while their key players were out. Never any mention of the Ticats’ injured key players that might have affected their ability to win games.