East and West Semi-Final TV ratings

Yeah its a joke, i've noticed several years where my Canucks played the same time as the Grey Cup and it really bugs me because i want to watch the Grey Cup every year but if my teams not in it and my other team is playing, thats going to take a huge hit in the ratings.

Imagine even if those 800,000 leafs fans tuned in and the rest across the country that had NHL games to watch those days. The ratings would be much higher than the Super Bowl got. Its a real joke.

I was actually a champion for an NHL Video Game tournament and went to the All-Star game in Montreal wearin a BC Lions hat. They made me take the BC Lions hat off for the event and gave me an All-Star Game hat (which i was thankful for of course) but i just said to them "really? Thats kind of weird."

TSN took advantage of its exclusive negotiating window with the league when they drew up the terms of the current agreement. They put up a significant amount in hopes of getting the league to ignore the temptation of waiting to negotiate with other networks. If the league balked at that, and the other network offers were not as much, they ran the real risk of the offer going down. (Not to mention pissing off a network that has been with you through thick and thin and literally kept the league afloat in the mid to late 1990`s).

The league got its rightful increase (that Tom Wright completely botched before), and is now showing it was worth the investment. For the next deal, the league will be in the drivers seat and any other network will know that they will have to come to the table with some serious money if they want a chance to televise games. The league can also get a little more demanding as far as putting games on the main network.