East and West Semi-Final TV ratings

Courtesy of CFL’s VP of Communications Twitter account

Ratings on #TSN for @BCLions vs @sskroughriders game - 1,621,000, up 5% from 2012. Audience peaked late in 4th at 2,441,000 #GCPlayoffs #CFL

Ratings on #TSN & #RDS for @MTLAlouettes vs @Ticats was 1,417,000, up 12.4% from '12. Audience peaked at 2,256,000 in OT #CFL #GCPlayoffs

Ho hum... ratings just keep going up and up and up. :rockin:

Last year the East and West Finals only managed an average of 1.6 million. The NFL conference Finals brought in 1.9 million.Of course the CFL ratings are hurt by not being on CTV...Furthermore, the games are on too early to maximixe the viewing potencial because TSN wants to show the NFL Sunday Night game.
Strange place this country called Canada is I say.
I guess the interesting part will be if the East Final draws more viewers next week or the West Final. Calgary is a bad draw on TV and Toronto is a good draw because of its sheer size.
Im also curious if the 2013 west semi final ratings on RDS were so miniscul that they were not worth reporting or if they were not added to make the ratings seem more equitable

wow...+12.4% is very impressive! 5% is as well, sure, but double digits...nice

Thank you for posting this. Not bad. :thup:
At least TSN is giving the CFL a lot more money in the new T.V. contract.

Some factors to remember when comparing CFL/NFL playoff ratings, is the CFL playoff games on TSN went head-to-head against a full slate of 13 NFL games (on CTV, CBS, FOX, Sportsnet, City-TV, TSN2, etc.), plus 4 Canadian NHL games last Sunday including the Canucks games being shown in the Lions time-slot…which certainly adversely affected the Lions/Riders ratings.

When the NFL playoffs are played, there is no CFL competition, the NFL has the football market to themselves. The NFL playoff games also get tremendous hype from the Canadian media…while the CFL, not so much. The NHL never schedules games against the Super Bowl as a courtesy…while the NHL always schedules Canadian NHL games on Grey Cup Sunday. The Leafs game in 2011 drew only 800,000 viewers going up against the Grey Cup which drew over 5 million.

Sadly, not enough. Need to correct this in 5 years.

About $200 MILLION is not enough for now? :wink:

Great Ratings for the games. TSN may not be paying as much as they perhaps should it is still more than the CFL has ever had. Also there promotion and branding of the CFL on TSN is worth its wait in gold 1.6 and 1.5 million will mean more money from sponsors to get prime bill boards at stadiums as well as uniform patches. If over a million peopleare watching the revenue streams will be endless.
Time for McMahon, Commonwealth etc to look for naming right sponsors, still some teams need to get with these revenue streams.
Hamilton has a stadium sponsor, a sponsor for the patio Coors light and a sponsor for the lounge in the other end zone seagrans. That is how you make money from highly rated TV games.

At the end of the day, I believe the CFL is happy with their new TSN contract. Again, TSN and the CFL are partners and they are looking long term. If they can create a Win-Win where the long term viability of the CFL is ensured, all the better. With the new numbers, momentum is being created for a big increase in 2018.

I could not agree more. The key is that they are partners in this not just a network buying a package of games.

they'd grow faster by putting 1 weekly game, playoff games and the Grey Cup on CTV, IMO.

sports leagues don't keep all their games on 1 network. they spread them over a few.

not wanting to go with a Rogers owned channel, and having signed exclusivly with Bell-owned, TSN leaves CTV as the CFL's only chance for getting on one of the countries big 3 networks ( CTV, CBC, Global ).

But, in today's day and age, is being on TSN really that much of a liability - over CTV, Global and the CBC?

It is also the perception.
For a top notch championship game to include the playoffs that should have been included on the mother network CTV.

If I am TSN and the CFL pushes that, I would likely consider telling them to find another bidder willing to fork up 40 mil, or substantially depreciate my offer.

Why? They put NFL games on CTV and they bring in significantly lower numbers.

I believe the CFL gave TSN a discount as a thank you for everything they have done. It has been and is a partnership. Partnership = Win/Win.

Fair enough. I am not sure I agree but I see your point.

9 teams is a little different than the NFL. With the big contract, they can pretty much dictate what they want. They want it on TSN. It has become a major staple of the network....you want CFL, you go to TSN...you want NFL, you go basically everywhere else (including CTV, where they can broadcast NFL at the same time as CFL on TSN).

Sometimes change is good, sometimes it is overzealous

People are saying the CFL should have got more...well, when the competitors don't even take the time to blink before leaving the table when they heard TSN's offer...well....you are not going to get a pile of compatible offers. It's a lovely little dream though.

Fair enough.

Is that what happened, tho? I understand TSN had exclusive rights of negotiation. That Sportsnet and CBC were not at the table. TSN made what they felt was a fair offer and the CFL took it. There was no bidding process.

Again, I believe the CFL sees TSN as a partner. They understand that if TSN has not stepped up in the 90's, there would be no CFL. They tried to build on that without asking for too much.

Feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

I agree, the CFL again took a haircut and or a home town discount.
From what I understand there were no serious negotiations with any other party.
The CFL held all of the cards and folded without getting true value and some of us have said many times the bidding should have started at $50M per year plus the condition of the playoffs and GC being on CTV.

For all we know, TSN may have built into their previous agreement the right to sign the CFL at double the previous contract. Hopefully that is the case and we see TSN repeat the process in 2019 ($80M) and 2024 ($160M).