East and West Conference All-Stars .. as of Today?!

East QB: Calvillo
East RB: Roberts
East WR: Stegall
East SB: Cahoon
East K: Duval
East LB: Simpson
East DL: ?

West QB: Burris
West RB: Reynolds
West WR: Simon
West SB: Dominguez
West K: De'Angelis
West LB: ?
West DL: Perry

East DL: England

Good start in preliminary lists. More players could be added for other positions such as offensive line, defensive secondary and special teams. Of course, not everyone can agree 100% on all players. For examples, Ray is better than Burris. Tucker over Dominguez? Johnson over Perry?

Does crossover count for all-star I mean Calvillo dosent deserve to be an all-star or any QB in the east for that matter. Dickenson in the west and TBD in the east.

I don't think Ray would be an all-star this year. How can someone who can't score touchdowns be considered an all-star? Yards are meaningless. Dickensons great, but he's been plagued again by injury this year. Joseph, well hes brutal. Last man standing is definately Burris in the west.

In the east i would be tempted to pick Damon Allen as the all-star QB.

The others look alright.

The gang at TSN picked Allen not by much though. Good lord I hate that old man.

He keeps going, and going, and going, and going.....:wink:

Dominguez over Tucker? I don't think so.

1000+ yards and 10 TD's so far on the season, how is that not All Star numbers?

I'd take Glenn in the east.
In the west, Ray for sure. Edmonton is 0-14 right now without him.
At reciever, it depends whether you want the 4 best recievers, or the 2 best slots, and the 2 best wideouts.
There are so many good slots, and so few good wideouts, it gets tough.
Just the 4 best, its Tucker, Simon, Lewis and Dominguez. Only Stegal really stands out in the east, so for the All-Canadian team, he is there, but the other 3 are from the west.
DBs--Baron Miles is a lock at safety, but 3 Riders, Eddie Davis, Davin Bush and Omar Morgan should get consideration. At least 2 of them will be there.
Next year, look for Johnson to be the other all-star corner--one of the most impressive rookie corners I've seen in a long, long time!
Backers--Reggie Hunt, Scott Coe, maybe a BC guy?
D-line--Johnson and Perry are locks on the ends, and in the middle, take your pick of Schultz, Davis, and the two Bc interior lineman, whose names escape me.

On offense, pick as many Riders as you feel comfortable with, but definately O'day and Makowsky.
Frankly, the other teams are brutal on the line, but I suppose there is usually one or two good ones per team. If each team puts in their best o-lineman, there you have it.
Running backs--definately Joffrey Reynolds. He likely gets my vote for MVP, although Simon is right there.
Then it depends whether you want a true fullback, or just the next best guy.
It's KK one way, likely Szarka the other.
God. When you realize how many all-stars the Riders have, it is heartbreaking to be 7-7 (we had 8 all-stars last year, and should have that many again)

I don't know the east players as well, but I'll call a bunch of Argos, especially on defence.
Roberts for sure at running back, with some other receivers being Cahoun and Bruce.
Same deal for the east in the o-line catagory--pick the best one from each team, and a spare from one.

Hey Arius I heard that if the Riders dont make the playoffs Tilman is going to clean house. I know Barrett's days in Rider town are numbured and he his a big fan of KK. With rumaors of Barrett possibly replacing "The Don " in Montreal I am sure he would lure KK and other all stars to Montreal especially O-linemen.FYI Barrett would the fisrt black coach of the Al's.

I suspect he would be the first black coach for 6 of the 8 teams...
Anyway, the talk about town is Barret is gone even if he wins the Grey Cup.
I think he will choose to leave in that situation.
The only reason he might be willing to stay is because his family is well entrenched in the community and really like it in Regina.
But if he goes, expect a stream of ex-Riders to follow him where ever he goes, including KK, Dominguez, Richardson, Hunt, Morgan, the list goes on...of course money always talks, but if a team makes a competitive offer, these guys love Danny.
And meanwhile, Roy is sitting in Vegas more than willing to do what he does best--scout. And guess who will benefit from that? DB.
And yes, Montreal is now an option, though I do not know what DBs relationship with Popp is. My money is still on TO.

TO? Please elaberate more. Acording to my sources Barrett has a metting with Popp as soon as his arrives in Montreal.

You need new sources!

No,Ro my sources are very reliable thank you very much for your concern though. I have known for weeks that Mathews was going to step down he just wanted to leave with a win. I knew for a long time that Palmer would be in Montreal this year. I also Knew that Ribero would not start the season in a Habs uniform.


Well I have unconfirmed, inside, outside, reliable reports( AKA SOURCES) that the sun will set tonight and 99.99999999% odds that it will rise tomorrow morning. Break out the shades.

Someone is jealous.

Danny Barret and Pinball are best friends.
GMs always hire people they know--don't kid yourself that they just hire the "best" person--they have to be able to work together for several years.
Which is of course part of the reason Danny likely won't be back in Riderville.
Oh Tillman and Flopson are saying the right things, "we want Danny to succeed", but what do people expect, that Tilman would get here and say he hopes he fails, just to make it easier to fire him?
So Tillman will bring in his own guy. That doesn't mean he won't consider Danny, but Danny knows the sword will be at his neck no matter what, so he will likely just exit.

So back to TO. People forget that Pinball became coach because there was nobody else.
He was just the interim guy.
Six years later, he is still there.
But given the chance to hire Danny, and step back, I think it will at minimum be considered.
And it would be a good fit.
Remember, Danny wants to be a GM someday as well, so he will weigh his chances to move up in an organization as well.
Again, Argos fits that bill, I think. Not sure that Popp is going anywhere in Montreal.
And Desjardin isn't going anywhere in Hamilton.
Anyway, TO is just my hunch. I don't have any insider information.
But if Danny is talking to Popp, it will be casual and informal.
Technically, they can't discuss any actual jobs until the season is over, or it is tampering.
But over a brief lunch, or such, Danny might say, "I sure do love Montreal", and Popp might say, "I sure think you've done a great job there in Riderville, Danny", a little nudge, and a wink, and then Popp goes to his office and short lists Danny.
But Danny Barret won't be unemployed for very long this off season.

Very well said Arius you hit the nail right on the head about Barrett. If Barrett does go to TO I hope blows up in there face.

You also know that the Riders will lose 57-7 and Joseph and or Rocky will get sacked 13 times against the Als...
Now your a CFL insider?????
LOL, I gotta admit you go full out at being a Moron... You also expressed your professed love for Nealon & Hatred for the Riders like they did you wrong...Hey... wait a minute!!