East All Stars Chosen

I see that Mr. Guaranteed Win (Levels) didn't make the all star team . Cat LB Kelly should have been there but the spitting incident may have influenced the voters . Any other surprises ?

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Who had MBT as all star QB in their 2021 prediction pool ?

There were, really, only two choices -- MBT and JM.
Starts: Both 9
MBT 203/306 66.3% 2302 yds. 12 TDs 11 Ints Efficiency 86% Avg. Gin 7.5 yds
JM 188/271 69.4% 2445 yds. 10 TDs 6 INTs Efficiency 100.6 Avg. Gain 9 yds
MBT 10 carries 71 yds. Avg. 4.9 yds Longest 34 yds. 2 TDs 3 runs over 10 yds. 0 over 20
JM 28 carries 184 yds. Avg. 6.6 yds.Longest 26 yds. 1 TD 6 runs over 10 yds. 2 over 20
It's obvious that the voters, like some, or perhaps many, contributors to this forum consider team W/L records (MBT 7-2 JM 4-5) as the #1 stat for comparing starting QBs. That has to be the explanation for their choice unless the voters were just very concerned about Garney's blood pressure.


MBT played every game, IIRC. Masoli, not so much (missed 5.5 games?).
The final standings have something to say about that too.
Of course, Ricky Ray won after only playing half a season, so...

The stats I posted are full season.. However the team W/L numbers are only from the games MBT and JM were listed on depth charts as starting.

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