Easiest fans to get along with?

It's the way that Winnerpegger worded it blackdale, "yah those are a great bunch of people." He makes it seem like all Rider fans are idiots and would do anything of that nature.

Roughrider fans are probably the easiest to get along with.I know alot of them.
People from Saskatchewan are not snobs.They will roll out the welcome mat for anyone!!!
Just don't tell them who you cheer for!!!!LOL

tis the problem with generalizations. since my last post i was thinking about personal experiences both positive and negative at the various stadiums i have been to. my friends and I often go together to both games in wpg and regina(mix of rider and bomber fans-more bomber fans) i have been to other stadiums not with the same group and have never had any problems elsewhere so congrats to the rest of you. my rider friends buy the tickets for us in regina and we buy the tickets in wpg so the home fans choose where we sit. now on four different occasions in regina we had what i would call dissappointing expeirences in regina and three times in wpg. in regina, as i have previously mentioned bottles thrown at members of our group, crates smashed over backs, attempted fights, and my bomber hat was stolen(which while not violent was still rather annoying). I think my rider friends might be trying to kill us off??? i will need to talk with them.
In wpg our disspointing experiences were teenager drunks swearing loudly and constantly at my friends until security booted them out halfway through the game, and teenagers smoking pot in front of us and being abnoxious to my friends again until security removed them, the famous snowball game that everyone always seems to bring up because it was caught on national television. bomber fans were throwing snowballs at the opposition bench as well as at opposition fans which is really ignorant. i know these were only my experiences and others would have different ones but in regina never has security stepped in to deal with abnoxious fans and in wpg at least they dealt with the underage drunk and high punks. the snowball thing was out of control. I don't get why people do some of the things they do.
oh the the last memory i need to bring up again, i think i wrote about it before but it is just the epitome off the stupid fan. at a labour day game a couple years back in regina the drunk guy lines up buys two beers then on his way back towards the stands he stops at the ambulance that had the passenger door open puts his beer down and pees on the inside of the door. then picks up his beers and moves on. I am still in shock at the ignorance of that man.

You know, its is unfortuante that these things have happened to you in Regina, but the idiotic fans are definitely in the minority and not reserved for just other teams' fans. I remember reading a letter in the Leader-Post about a fan who took a relative of his to one the games. He was in a section with a bunch of drunken fans, and one of them took a piss on his guest(a female). It is sad that these things happen. I would think at security needs to stepped up , and that drunk and unruly fans are targeted , and removed with some other form of punishment(banned from the stadium for a game or season, depending on the severity of the action). If the behaviour continues, then a permanent ban needs to be put in place for the offender. It may not stop from bad experiences from happening, but it may deter some when an example is made of someone who gets unruly. Any teams fans need to be respected if they attend games elsewhere, and that goes for any team not just the Rider and Bomber fans.

Wow Im a bit surprised that no one voted for als fans. Come on we cant be that bad or could it be that no one is able to get tickets to als games since its such a tiny stadium.

"Original ticats.ca fans" .... and hopefully all the 'newbies' to this board!!

Go CFL .... "gotta luv it" (credit BBBob)

I used to go to ti-cat games with my Flutie jersey, Argo flag and Argo helmet. I met a few interesting characters, was threatened to get beat up once. I was just a kid and never bothered anyone, LOL so I thought. Its hard not to be biased based on a few drunks, but the experience still leaves me to believe they are the worst.

For the most part I've come across some great fans -- and some crappy ones -- everywhere I've been.

I've been to Toronto and been treated like one of the crowd; I've also been there and feared for my life. At a Labour Day game here in Hamilton a number of years ago, a girl I knew got attacked by a drunk guy who was upset that his Argos had lost. She fell, knocked her head into a light pole, and had to be taken to the hospital for stitches. Argo fans may have their own horror stories, but few can top that in my book. Yet for the most part, Argo fans have treated me and my friends with respect, seeing us all as members of a larger fraternity of CFL fans.

In 2003, while the Cats were being run by the league, I was at Frank Clair and was treated to a few of the rudest fans I'd ever met...and a whole bunch of some of the nicest.

But I voted for Edmonton (yes, that was me) because of a couple of guys who got on the Ticat Express bus last year, with their flags and all. They joked around with us, and laughed along as the driver told them they had to get out and walk the last three miles. We don't see a lot of fans who make the trip from Alberta like these guys did, but they left quite an impression on me. After my Cats clobbered the Esks in that game, I even felt a little sorry for them.

Overall, we're all great, aren't we?

Big Dave,

My apologies to you for your bad experience at FCS. I would like to think that we Ottawans are a welcoming bunch but it only takes a few rotten apples to ruin someone's game experience.

As far as my experience in other stadiums, the folks in Calgary were pretty nice: I look forward to their reaction this summer when I walk around in my "Ranek" Renegades Jersey and ball cap! I'm not sure about WInnipeg fans though! Got some weird looks when I went to a game last season but then again, how many Ottawa fans do you see at CanadInns stadium? As far as obnoxious visitors to FCS, the Als are the worst because there were so many of them and they are loud and usually drunk and their team usually beat ours. Come to think of it, the last reason is probably why they are so obnoxious: because they usually thumped the Gades! That's why last July 1st was sooooooo coool! Anywyay, this is a bit of a silly pool because all CFL fans are the best because the CFL is the Best!

Gone Gades Gone!
Golf Sens Golf!
North Side S***s!

It's tough the two best places Ive been to while cheering for the other team were At Taylor Field and Ivor Wynne. Sask is great but IWS is my home away from Commonwealth got to give it to those guys!

Easiest fans to get along with.....those that agree with me of course.......

Well Piggy thanks! I agree that you are wrong most of the time!

Bomber fan here.
Been to Calgary and Regina.

Have to say the Rider fans were good,
they talk football and know the game.

Might of had something to do with the Bombers' beatin' them that day............

In all fairness, it's impossible to make a judgement like this poll suggests.
Every city has good fans and not so good fans.

I think alot of it has to do on which part of the stadium you sit in. I know in Taylor Field the university students can get pretty wild on the east grandstands.
Commonwealth has good fans, excellent knowledge of the game, same thing with BC. Some people though arent very mature once they've been well lubricated at the pre-game pep rallies.

No problem, Swahgade. Actually the vast majority of people were very nice, and even apologized for the couple of jerks sitting in front of us. I'm looking forward to the return of the Renegades, and more trips out to the nation's capital...hopefully to see my Cats win one at Frank Clair.

I've been to pretty much all the stadiums in the CFL and have had good experiences at every one. I think in general every team has its share of hooligans but if I had to chose one for the easiest fans it would have to be Calgary and Regina, two places I will be visiting again this season when the Lions are there in July and Sept

Somebody should have told the Ticat fans they weren't suppose to vote for themselves. :slight_smile:

Besides Sambo it isn't like he has not heard it before right!


Winnipegger did not like you calling him ignorant! And my reply was just that!