Easiest fans to get along with?

(C'mon be honest, don't vote for your own team)

I went with the Lions

I sit in McMahon all season long and cheer for the Stamps every weekend until the Ti-Cats come to town. On that day, I show my colours, and every year the Stamps fans show nothing but respect. I can cheer and wave my flag. There is the good humoured ribbing, but it's all in good fun. One or to idiots might yell something ignorant, but those are the morons who are seeing their first football game via "bar ticktets" so I know they aren't the Stamps real fans.

I would say tigercat fans are fairly easy to get along with. Despite all the changes they made this season its rare to see them haning around here claiming to be a first place team and cup contenders because of their changes. Then I would say stamps fans would be next

Well, the fans I know the most, not personally actually, are the Argo fans since I see them here in Hamilton at Cat games. Are they easy to get along with? Sure, once you pour beer over their heads and shout "Argos suck", well, what can they do, not much with about 28,000 people at the game ready to tear their head off if they make a wrong move.


wut no vote for winnipeg :shock: lol

Ottawa's :wink:

If I can't say my own fans ... perhaps BC's (they don't ever care about anything you say, for some Ricky Williams related reason, if you know what I mean! :smiley:) And though I hate to vote for Edmonton, when I was up there for the Labour Day rematch last year, there were some really nice ones after the game (saying "good game guys, you guys deserved to win" etc), but there were also those that got some of my friends kicked out for no real reason (other than making a lot of noise for the Stamps).

Is this based on CFL.ca or actually bumping into them at the Stadium?

If its cfl.ca, they're arn't many Lion fans out here on the main forum. So we can't offer any group hugs.

If its at the Stadium....I'd vote for Calgary fans, they seem knowledgeable and can talk good football stradegies with you. They tend to look at Pros and cons very objectively. Sorry to Bomber and Rider fans, I've found at the game that the "Travelers" are usually boisterous, antaganistic and show a very one sided biases. But, maybe its the section we sit in...who knows!

Well, if we talk about the forum, I'd say the easiest fans to go along with are those cheering for a non contending team, or a rebuilding one. It was pretty hard to smack on the Stamps fans in the F-troop years, on the Hamilton fans after a brutal 1-17 season, or on the Ottawa fans just anywhen.

In real life, however, I have to say that I have been to McMahon Stadium, Commonwealth stadium and Rogers Center (and of course the two MTL stadiums). And everywhere, I have only met life-loving easygoing fans.

In Coomonwealth Stadium, I attended a Eskimos/Roughriders game. There were thousands of Rider Priders everywhere. And all I could see were fans from both teams throwing jokes at one another and enjoying the game as rivals, but not ennemies.

In Toronto, I was expecting to have a hard time. Hey, I was wearing my Alouettes jersey in last year's Eastern Final game. I was surrounded by Argos fans. The game was a critical one and my team beat their's at home. Still, no one bugged me. People were saying "Good game. We'll get you next year. Now you go beat these Westerners." and stuff like this.

And even when the game began (and the Alouettes were dominated for a full quarter by the boatmen) no one was arrogant. I was chatting with them, and people were like "Hey, don't take it too hard dude. The Als still had a pretty good season. And next year, your defense will be better so you'll be back for the Eastern final...."

So in all, I believe the people you'll meet in stadiums will mostly be good fans you can have fun with. Of course, in every crowd there'll be a few hooligans. Just don't judge the whole crowd by the actions of the few buggers.

I'd go with Ti-Cats fans

I will be the easiest to get along with.From now on!!!

The Roughriders got three votes.... :?

Are these the same fans who dumped S--T on McCallum's lawn and phoned in death threats to his wife......

Great bunch of people....

You cant judge ALL Rider fans by the idiocy of a couple of them,WP. I now see why the bomber fans dont have any votes. We do respect another team's fans, but I guess I would not feel too welcome at Canad-Inns stadium if were cheering for the Riders. I wonder WP, is it just the fact you dont like Rider fans, or are you just ignorant in all aspects of your life?

Sambo, I have taken your comment about me being ignorant to heart.

Its easier to just edit it all

hey. c'mon guys, you can get along with me, and I'm a bomber fan!

sorry sambo gotta disagree with you again. seems like a common occurence. regina is the most hostile to visiting fans by a long shot. but esp on labour day. i have had threats from the drunks a few rows up multiple times for cheering when the blue was doing well, a girl i was with was hit with a beer bottle thrown from about 10 rows up,. a friend had a wooden crate broken over his back as he was walking out of the stadium after the game by some random freakshow rider fan. but i guess my friend was wearing a bomber jersey and therefore deserved it??? I hear that our main problem is that we always end up on the east side?? (without the upper deck) and supposedly the fans on the other side are much more knowledgable and not as drunk. i admit wpg has its share of a holes but nothing to the degree of regina. mix the two and it can be downright pathetic.

But I have to agree with Sambo on the fact that not all Rider fans dumped manure on Paul's lawn. You can't stereotype all Rider fans because a couple idiots decided to do something stupid that was Rider related.

I'm a bombers fan and cant get along with you

one of the best cfl fans i know is a rider fan so i definitely do not lump you all together but this thread is asking for generalizations and i would say generally rider fans are the hardest to get along with and then likely bomber fans although i wish that were not the case.

This is funny, to say that the fans at Taylor Field are worse than the ones at Canad Inns Stadium. I would venture to say that it would depend who you are talking too. I have heard horror stories from rider fans that dared to venture into Winnipeg. At the same time, I will conceed that a fair number of Rider fans are not very welcoming to fans of other teams.

Based on the poll, if you take to believe that it is for the fans at the stadiums, I do not think that you could vote for either of these teams.