earthquake standards for CFL stadiums

Did today's earthquake damage any Eastern division stadiums? Cracks?

The news said the quake shook Ottawa. Is Lansdowne Park damaged?

Lansdowne Park hasn't been built yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

we don't have earthquakes..


we get beavers that all in unison bang their tails on the ground repeatedly..

%^#*% beavers. :x

Yeh, but you get 20-25 of them doing that and they could probably take down Taylor field. :roll:
Plus, not real good on Gainers resume, with new management likely on their way in.

sask has trees????

YES and Hills and valleys and Water! and Animals, and rocks...

it's not like it's a rectangle with absolutely nothing outside of Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert and Moose Jaw.

[url=] ... -1103.html[/url]

I'm with cflisthebest on this one :cowboy: As for back on topic; no reports of damage to Old Lansdowne Park. :rockin:

And oil, gas, natural gas, potash, uranium, diamonds, gold, rare earth metals, coal, to name a few .... along with tons of sunshine, few clouds, and the best damn CFL fans in the league :smiley: 8) :rockin: :rockin: :cowboy: No earth quakes, mud slides, huricanes, wet crappy days (okay a few of those), a bit of snow and the occasional cold winter day :roll:


the only think Saskatchewan doesn't have are the Mountains to the west and Corrupt conservative Politicians!!

:? You might want to actually plot those on a map and connect the dots. Just saying.

Not sure if that is true. We have had our fair share of them (Devine gov’t anyone), and the jury is out on some of these sask party guys. Wall is good, it’s the rest I’m not sure of.

whenever I passed through sask, all I remember is seeing little grey sticks sticking out of the ground. Same as most of Manitoba.
[url=] ... KDA&zoom=1[/url]

The northern half looks like this: Sask is over 50% forest

ya there we are :slight_smile: Saskatchewan at it's finest.

I like beaver :lol:

You forgot the main method of transportation. Combines. :slight_smile:

I only asked about trees...sheesh

but hey, if you dont got mountains and ocean, you dont got anything. :twisted: :cowboy:

p.s. you forgot to mention banjos :wink:

And almost nobody lives in Northern Saskatchewan. I'd wager that better than 90% of the population lives south of Lloydminster.