earth to Obie...cb..ot...dt..req'd a.s.a.p.

Three main weaknesses stood out in Thurs. game. Gordon could not handle a primere receiver...Woodard could not handle a quick and agile defensive end... and we could not get the required push from our inside tackles. :cowboy:

yes i agree with those 3 .

Add Mariuz could not tackle or fend off blocks and recievers could not get open and the offensive and defensive game plan was not match for Montreal's game plan

I didn't think the DT's were that bad. They need to play the run a lot better but Montreal did a really good job in the trenches. Adams had a sack and thought he played well. We can't pick on the DB's too much until we get consistent pressure on the QB. Knowton looked good but both Mariuz AND Moreno looked bad! We need to come up with a solution up front so we can drop 8 into coverage, this will help the DB's. We also need to work on "containing" both Robinson and Gordon had a chance to sack AC but were to far inside and he easily stepped around them. If the DB's blitz they had to keep in mind that their help is coming from inside and must stay on the QB's outside shoulder.