Ears vs Ears


lol - great ear phoyo thrylin. made my day! lol

Heaven forbid anyone ever rip Maas's helmet off...he'd probably kill them the pain would be so intense.

And they say children can be mean. You guys are idiots. This is a forum meant to dicuss football not peoples appearances.

Agreed this thread is plain dumb.


I don't get it.

You should cry about it.

Regardless of what you think it is a great football photo.

I think it's a great shot and it's not mocking anybody.

The huge ears are not uncommon. Some are a heredity issue. I know of families where this is passed on genetically. Most of these kids have a slight, simple operation and their ears are then of normal size.

Yes I believe it is called a batwing operation (not making this up)
I’m sure Ray makes enough money to easily afford such a surgery… Maas made about half a mil in 2 years with Hamilton… I’m sure he could afford one too…
Sad double standard… I can guarentee you that you will never find a women who is in the eye of the public (if at all) who would chose not to get the surgery… Sad but true.

Jackie parker had big ears too.... Maybe we should start asking CFL QBs if they ever had batwing operations...

You find me a woman that can quarterback like Ricky Ray and I will make absolutely NO comments about her ears. Promise.

Oh, by the way, you will never find guys with ears like Ricky Ray or Jason Maas on the modeling runway either. No double standard, just a different set of attributes required.

I'm sure that if Steffi Graf or Danica Patrick had ears that stuck out that they would be the same place in they're carrers that they are/were.
Could you imagine if even Martina Navratola (not a sex symbol by any standards) had ears like Maas's .... You don't think shows like Saturday night live would not ridiculed the hell out her.

I actually knew a kid that had his ears pinned back. Funny thing was I never knew he had a problem until he told me.

I think Ray’s and Maas’ ears just look big because of the camera angle. It doesn’t really matter as they’re both family guys, so it apparently hasn’t slowed them down any.

I still think it’s a pretty nice shot.

LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!! People in cubicle city will be wondering what the heck I'm reading!

Awesome that this is an actual thread and that I am responding to it!

Yea camera angle = big ears, thats it LOL

I don't know if that was intended, but that cracked me up. :lol: :lol:

Yeah! It's very ear-responsible. In fact it's just plain ear-rational. Every time I look at the photo I am ear-itated. Mods, can you delete this thread, or is it ear-reversible?