Earnest Jackson

What is the status of this guy?

It appeared as if we were “hiding” him at the start of the season … does anyone know what gives?

Not good enough to make the team, I guess.

And Jo Jo was? weird…

Why is it weird?

Two virtually unknown import receivers.

Nothing special.

why do people hate on jo jo so much? is it really that hard for you to believe he beat jackson out for a spot on this team?

I don't hate on anybody, Jo Jo has done anything to impress me thats all. I'd like to see someone else get an oppurtunity.

he impressed me last year.

Ernest has left the building.

He hasn’t been active since Training Camp
apparently because of a hamstring problem

but he was constantly present on the sidelines at practices
and conspicuously behind the bench at the last game.

This week he wasn’t at IWS during practices.

I don’t know what caused him to leave.