Earnest Jackson is Back

So says Kenny on his latest blog entry....


Look for this guy to start ASAP. He would have been a starter from day one if he had not tweaked his hammy.

WOOHOO i have been waiting all season for this guy to play. He impressed me most in the scrimmage, and he is i think 6'4 (correct me if i'm wrong) and is very very fast, combined with pretty good hands

If Ken is right (for once) that is definately good news based on what I saw in training camp.

What about Willie Ponder? I thought everyone was really high on him in TC?



Back from where?

Has he ever played a game for the Ti-Cats?

Willie ponder was released after week one bro. the guy had good hands but for some reason was never ever open so he was never thrown the ball, resulting in his release

Even more revealing is the suggestion that Obie and Charlie have much different views on the players. According to Peters, Charlie wanted to keep the team that emerged from training camp but Obie is telling him to get rid of some players. Looks like Obie is calling the shots because several players have been released already. Don't know though if the replacements will do any better.
This also does not bode well for Charlie. Being at odds with your G-M when you have a losing record spells big trouble.

8) Oh to be a fly on the wall in that office !!! :wink:

Ernest Jackson was on the sidelines in tee-shirt and shorts
as he has been except for last week when he went home

The Cats may give the big kid a shot in a few weeks
when he gets in shape and can perform full out.

It wasn't about the particular players,
it was about using Americans on the D-line.

IMO, Charlie was not in the mood to talk.

He had just cut two players he liked as people.

He said later that he didn't like cutting these players
that he has had a relationship with since he's been here

and he also said it is best for the team.

This fits in with what Ken quoted Obie as saying.

If you don't want to believe Charlie,
that is your perogative, mr62.

Huh, where did Ken say anything like that?

Whether he told Charlie or recommended it

Charlie agrees that it is in
the best interest of the team.

IMO, I think that the two of them
still have a good relationship but

how can either of us know for sure, mr62?

mr62cats wrote: According to Peters, Charlie wanted to keep the team that emerged from training camp

Huh, where did Ken say anything like that?

In the blog he said this:
"Remember how Taaffe said during the off-season how he wanted the revolving door to stop, that he wanted to break training camp with essentially the club that he would keep together for the entire season? Three veterans released in three weeks? So much for those intentions."
isnt that ken saying that?



8) I would venture to say that Dickerson, Keith and Clinton Wayne would be classed as veterans !!!
All three played here last year, and on this team, that fact alone makes you a veteran !!!      <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

What is it about the word 'essentially'
that you don't understand, beetlejuice?

Come on, beet, now that your new 'hobby horse' is
to point out why Charlie should be fired 'tout suite.'

the release of three 2nd year back ups
is considered to be a 'revolving door?'

I preferred it when you used your keen mind
to offer us some insight into things around here. :smiley:

Wayne maybe, but did Keith even get in a full season's worth of games?

Dickerson was brought in last year as a Tight End of all things, and this year they try to convert him to a Rush End? Nice guy and all, but was there even a spot for him on this team?