early predictions for grey cup 06

when the bombers make the grey cup(hopefully)who will be their challenger for earl grey? personally i want calgary to play them so we get payback from 2001 :!: if we dont well i would say edmonton and toronto

calgary vs toronto
calgary win
calgary hamilton
cal win

if not well itll be a good game but i want to see my stamps go all the way

I LOVE to see that too, but it will not be this season, but hopfully in the future.

for this season I say the GC will be

QDF: Bombers Vs. Edmonton, win

SF: Bombers Vs. Calgary, win

GC: Bombers Vs. Als, lose

but if we just get there, we have come a long way, eh?

The bombers still have a long way to go before they're a cup contendor IMO. And I'm sure that many would agree. Personally, I'd like to see Edmonton vs. Hamilton in the grey cup...Ray vs. Maas... I'm falling out of my chair just thinking about it.

look how far the stamps went last year they nearly knocked your team out of the playoffs if mass wasnt there they would have probly won the cup

First of all it's "Maas" not "Mass". It doesn't matter how the esks won the west semi final, the bottom line is that we did win it. You can go on and on with your "If this.... then..." statements but you'll get noewhere. It's a shame the esks lost a great qb in Maas but I wish him the best and look forward to him facing off against ray this year, and hopefully in the grey cup.

the ti cats will make the playoffs but not the cup and sry for mis spelling i type pretty fast and dont look for mistakes

dont try reasoning with esks fans boys.......they cant see beyond their own noses.......:slight_smile:

THE BOMBERS have come along way my friend…and you’re going to be a little shocked …when you see just how far we have come …since 05…looking forward to playing ya… :wink:

let me put my kreskin hat on here.......umhhhh........umhhhhhhhh

I see blue & gold, no wait its green and gold, no it is blue & gold.......Bombers 50......Eskimos 11.......oh darn that was 1990......let me adjust the hat......oh shoot it broke.........:slight_smile:

EE is going down!!!!!!!!

but seeing Ray Vs. Maas wouldn't be bad, like Bronk Vs. Clemons in 1984.