Early morning

Well... 10:00 kickoff tomorrow morning to watch the TiCats win their first game. Now my fellow fans, my question is; is this too early to start drinking beer with football?

I'm glad that its well before the Lions game. Back to back games mean if the Lions are at home, I miss much of the first game.

you put football in your beer????

Don't you? I mean, if you get something like a good porter, it really adds something to the flavour. It certainly adds something in the texture department!

Never too earLy for a beer!

It's 11am SOMEWHERE.. so NO it is not!!

the game started in calgary at 11... and Calgary is playing. so you need to drink beer! especially with the stamps playing thi crappy.

Considering I was up until after 4 am at an after party, I'd say 10 am is too early... of course, my opinion might change tomorrow when I'm not hungover. :lol:

But why did this game start so early? The second game doesn't start until 10 pm, another 6 hours away.

My guess would be scheduling for TSN, as they're covering golf after the game, but it's just a guess...

Pfft. Golf? They can't put that on TSN2? :stuck_out_tongue: