Early mistakes hurt the most

Every game it seems like we screw up early in the game to set the tone. This game was no different. The early fumbles P-Rod's and Williams' may not have directly lost the game, but they seemed to set the tone for the entire game. The Cats always seem to be playing catchup after some bonehead mistakes, fumbles, interceptions, missed field goals, bad hikes, bad sacks, plays called back on penalties... I've seen them all before. It's getting really old. Is it that hard to just go out in the first half and play basic solid football instead of giving the game away?

the players are not properly prepared coming into games.....resulting in such bad opening quarters......a better coaching staff would have the team prepared and we wouldn't be playing catch up all game

it’d be nice to see at least one receiver besides jojo actually come back to the ball from their pattern and actually help williams when he’s scrambling for his life.

JoJo has impressed me ... what do we do when Miles returns?

we need some depth at non import along oline then we can ditch woodard who is horrible and use that import spot for tre or miles instead.

8) You are so right. I noticed on one replay, when Richie was running for his life, that P-Rod turned and looked at Richie as he was running his pattern, then simply stopped dead in his tracks, instead of coming back to help his QB !!!
This is what you have put up with from inexperienced receivers !!!

miss the danny mac/flutie, clements/dipietro, kerrigan/champion combos