Early look at 2023 Draft

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Loads of :canada: talent upcoming

Lot's of Olinemen. A coupple tackle types, some guards and two centres. Some position versatile.

A couple defensive ends, but seems to be lacking in defensive tackles.

A 6'6 reciever, who might need to add some weight.

Some outside linebacker types.

A couple cornerbacks, one defensive halfback and a safety.

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Hamilton and Saskatchewan need offensive line help ASAP. If they want to improve those units in the off season they'll have to do it through free agency. Rookie O-line draft choices take a couple of years to become good starters... unless they're SO GOOD that they wind up in the NFL on a practice roster. In either case the better choices for the Cats and Riders are guys who can start right away.

The list is very NCAA-heavy, which makes sense on some levels. But I want to see a list of USports prospects to keep track of. Who are the early favourites for the Hec Crighton, and might any of them be the next USports QB to be drafted?

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Yeah yeah. Why not? Everyone's really pleased with the level of Canadian Quarterback talent these days.

Yes and no. I feel some team treat their Canadian prospects with kiddie gloves.

You look at a guy like Dalke this year. Sixth round pick, who could probably be starting.

I feel that rookies benefit from game reps. Dequoy is the perfect example of someone, who has really stepped up in year 2.

Oline are usually plug and play. Nicastro, Revenberg, Ciraco, Woodmansey, Chungh, etc are all guys who benefitted from getting starts as rookies.

The QB to watch is Andreas Dueck from McMaster. There are no clear cut Crighton
candidates right now.
The USports East- West Bowl link has the rosters at the bottom.
[U SPORTS East-West Bowl returns for 2022 in Hamilton — Men’s Football — U SPORTS]
Here is the game itself.
[2022 U SPORTS East-West Bowl - YouTube]

Quick Condensed List
LB Jacob Biggs - Calgary
LB Jack Hinsperger - Waterloo
DE Ifena Onyeka - Carleton
WR Ethan McKinnon - Toronto
OL Spencer Masterson - Geulph


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