Early Line on Blue Bombers vs. Redblacks

Bombers normally 7.5 pt favorites even being the visiting team. Suspect the odds will flatten to 3.5 pts by gametime.

Redblacks will be poised to kick the Bombers while they’re down. And make no mistake - THE BOMBERS ARE DOWN. Right from Mike O’Shea blaming himself for not getting his team ready to an obviously declining Z Collaros showing some game slop.

Dru Brown will look to take advantage of Winnipeg’s diminished defense while Bobby Dyce will try to put down any embers the Bombers maintain on offense - and given the fact Bombers have 3 new offensive linemen, a slowed up QB and question marks at WR (including the Lawler injury which O’Shea will play out until gameday)

If Dru Brown puts up career numbers the Bombers gateway to victory will be sealed shut. If Bombers can bother Brown to a certain extent and Collaros gets his accuracy in tow the Bombers will eke out a W. Don’t see Bombers whip-sawing the RBs - but if the Bombers are as out of sorts next Thursday as they were in Game 1, Redblacks could win by more than a TD, possibly 2 scores.

After Game 1 loss to Montreal (a very good, well-coached squad of killers) the panic factor in Winnipeg was about 10% (or lower). A loss to Redblacks of any kind will torque up the panic factor to 30% (or higher)

Mass local panic (60% or more) if Bombers come out of the gate 0-3

Now confirmed (Lalji) that Kenny Lawler fractured his arm last nite vs. Als. Could be minimum 6 game IR - possible he’ll miss first half of season - depends on Lawler’s healing powers.

Big loss. Opposition secondaries can double up on Dalton Schoen, Demski & Wolitarsky. More rookies tossed into battle for Bombers.

Bombers not only barfed up a stinker in their season opener. They lost one of their Top 4 players.

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Losing Lawler sucks, no doubt.
But Lyle, it’s June 7th. You don’t have to panic.


I’ve been around (more than half a century).

I know the panic drill by heart.

Virtually no panic after first loss. Few excuses, coach takes the rap.

Panic starts seeping in with a second straight loss, especially to a perceived inferior team. The media still invokes the rule, not time to panic but lets be concerned.

Near full out panic (over 50% of football population) if team loses 3 straight. Re-build mode, air-lift a chinese fire drill of NFL cuts, Cut Collaros outright and use his cap money to bolster weakened areas.

I suspect even if Bombers do lose 3 straight - O’Shea & Wad Miller already have a pre-existing strategy to deploy, mostly to keep the customers happy and keep bringing 30,000 to the house.

O’Shea’s stubborn ideology could work to his advantage if the team really goes into the sinkhole. Even if, gawd forbid they went 1-6 out of the chute, O’Shea would keep hammerin’ home the idea of next week we go 1-0 until the team is officially eliminated from playoffs.

Given the crossover and 3 teams making playoffs from west, I’d say so long as you carry at least a 3-7 record going into the homestretch, you won’t be eliminated til week 15 or even 16 - so the fan dangle can extend hope right until it runs out of gas in the middle of the runway.

Though I believe Sergio, he does have to make good now on his kicks whether or not it was the damn chip in the ball.

That’s even more pressure, so that much is on him for your special teams plus Sheahan better be working on his punts along with your coverage teams.

I can’t see Winnipeg losing to Ottawa. I just can’t. If they lose to Ottawa, all bets are off this season.


On that I agree. But looking at current Wpg roster, factor lost players and new injury to Lawler - Bombers are definitely NOT a Top 3 CFL squad this year.

You sound somewhat rash and over-the-top this time Lyle Rasputin! We can’t let you get away with this!

C’mon now, it’s only game 2!

Here’s some work for you as you also provide of course the beneficial spiritual guidance to the team!

  1. Figure out the two-headed monster at quarterback. It has to work better.

  2. You all have made Sergio Castillo angry. VERY ANGRY. Keep him angry. The way he’s going to kick now, you’re going to like him when he’s ANGRY!

  3. Whoever sharpened the blades for the Mowing Crew last week is doing it wrong. Step up you lawn mowers out there you and show them how it’s done, teach your children well, and so forth.

Now quit the rant about rankings and grab a strong drink and get on with the BUSINESS!

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I just read that Bighill expects to play next week. This is great news, but much like the other vets who hardly practiced/played, he’ll be a little rusty.


Good news - but more slower vs. rusty. That said, he’s like a small insurance policy for Wpg. D. Odds better for Wpg eking out a win vs. Ottawa with BIggy in there calling the shots vs. a transient hobo.

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I wouldn’t call Kyrie Wilson a transient hobo, but replacing Karamoko with Wilson will be a large upgrade. Its clear last week the coaches don’t trust Shayne Gauthier with anything more than spot duty.


Wilson was ranked the #2 linebacker in the league last year as per the CFL’s advanced stats. Wherever you rank him he’s a far better linebacker than Bighill at the tail end of his career. No doubt he won’t be as adept at play calling as Bighill.

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Shayne has always been nothing more than an enthusiastic spot player!

There are very few as good at quarterbacking a defense than Adam Bighill. And thats going back 60+ years.


Very interesting, it’s worth really thinking about

Welcome to the forum and enjoy the games this weekend too.

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