Early Line: Bombers @ Riders (Labor Day Classique)

I fully expect the Riders to win at least one and probably two of the back to back games vs. the bombers.

I think they'll give the blue man group a severe thrashing Sunday afternoon. Next week in Winnipeg before 35,000 screaming blue foamers will be tighter but if Kevin Glenn doesn't make his typical 3 to 5 mistakes the riders could sweep.

I'd say the Riders tomorrow - by 10 to 17 pts - with approx. 75% confidence

Next week: Riders by 3 to 6 - w/ approx. 65% confidence

Riders sweep the bombers and the entire west division is tossed into disarray. Riders nab at least one and its a pig scramble for positions 2 thru 5.

If the unexpected happens - and the bombers somehow manage to finagle a pair of wins vs. r-riders then its bombers vs. Calgary for positions 1-2 and pig scramble for the remaining 3 spots - and a real dig-down for the crossover slot.

My guess is Bombers win both. The second by a lot.

The comparison with the Eskimo's games is false premise.
Edmo had even more injuries and Corky went to school on what MOS showed him.

My sense of The Sask/Edmo blow out was similar to a street fight.
Had Edmo stood up early and fought back, Sask runs away, however they got the Green/Gold down and they all took turns. Maas has that last game, with a healthy line-up, circled on his dance card.

Sunday, Westy takes a few cheap shot's early, Kevin wets the bed, Bombers pick a few, etc., etc.

I liked Doug Brown's quote, something to the effect that he was off to Regina to
try and understand how a 4 & 4 team has suddenly become the best of the best..

Medlock from the 35, no time, 30-27.

OR, Sask blows it out and I go back to Tarot card readings at The Ting.

Someone should ask Doug Brown how a top-tier 7-2 team collapsed against a vagrant group of mutts hovering at 4-4, coached by an itinerant man in black?

Lyle, I was going to respond but I'm cramping up...