Early July transactions

Been a flurry of moves around the CFL in the past couple of days...obviously for the Riders the big one is Lemon

Some other ones of notes...

Mentioned in another thread (Esks thread) that Sims is gone

RB Steamstrunk is apparently gone as well and Dyer back in...i knew Dyer was kicking around town still so thought it might happen...Steamstrunk was pretty darned good running...but was pretty limited elsewhere...I liked Dyer in limited action so we will hopefully see something from him in time

LB Dillon Grondin is pack...I know I mentioned him a few times through camp...he showed well in preseason action as well but was banged up (hammy I think) but is now back...happy to see this....I think he has piles of potential and the right passport to go with it...as a later round pick you are rolling the dice a bit and hoping for a ST player...I think he can be that and then some...I can see him taking rotational reps in time...hope he is sticking

Yeah and what did we see of him? One or two series in t/c and poof cya later. I suppose they gave him a signing bonus too. You know they love throwing them out like candy to players that don't want to play or players we decide maybe they ain't all that.

All I can say is we better get the guys we need this year because at this rate they are going to have nothing left to sign anyone next year.

so they gave away a neg list player to bring in a QB off someone else's list...big deal. QBs take 2-3 years on the neg list and sometimes more...they are not going to get them over night....they needed to make a move for someone...neg for neg....what is wrong with that? An unknown player of an unknown position of an unknown availability who may or may not ever come to the CFL and may or may not be of a position that the Riders have filled well (ie Knox is good...Eguavoen may be better) was traded for a position that the Riders definitely needed to take some looks at in a position that generally takes multiple seasons of being on a neg list to bear fruit

Personally I liked his game in what little action he saw....hell of an arm

And a hell of a gut to go along with it too. :lol:

Hey I heard there was a turnip farmer that can throw a mean turnip with great accuracy. Perhaps we should give him a call and a tryout too.

Sorry for being so sarcastic but it seems like we are using the shotgun method of scouting. You know the more you shoot eventually you will hit something . I mean how many Qb’s have we rolled through the doors in the past two years? Tino, Dodge, Price, Smith , Glenn, Price again, Sims Muniz, Kinney, Coleman. Need I go on? Sure it’s rare to get someone decent on the first try but this is getting a little bit funny. I mean one look at Sims and his physical condition and that should have been that . Period. It was obvious he was a bust for the CFL. Yes heavier qb’s have been in the NFL but they don’t rely on a mobile qb. In the CFL it really is an essential to at least be able to move in the pocket a smidgen. Sims doesn’t exactly fit that profile does he? So why waste anything even as little as a neg list player? I mean his background ( which seems something this management cares little about) clearly shows he has had issues with commitment to being a good player. Yet they choose to ignore the obvious and waste time and even a pittance of a salary and expenses on this clown? Honestly, did they expect that he was going to turn into Warren Moon?

Sure taking some risks is not a bad thing, but some of these long shots are just plain absurd.
Oh I forgot Kerry Joseph too who by the way was in far better shape then Sims is which is pretty freaken sad statement about Sims.

And look at the guys passed on...Cato...Jennings...so you want to stick with names because that's what was available? This has nothing to do with sticking with someone...the couple good names that were on the neglist were tossed away by BT and Jones traded another because he is going to be multiple seasons before he MIGHT come to the CFL and be like 27 by then...the joke that was left of a neg list was empty...not much you can do but bring in what is available. they have 1 QB left from the old list that MIGHT look north withing the next year. You want to keep guys like Tino and Deoge because hey...they were brought in via the system...they sucked. I would rather bring in 4 new QBs a week than keep beating the drums on guys like that

I don't care if a QB is mobile...it is a bonus...but if they have composure in the pocket fine...Sims seems to read the D very quickly for a guy in Camp like 5 days or whatever before the game...he seemed like the type who was going to see heat coming and just get rid of it...I am fine with that...I will take that any day over a guy who dances in the pocket and does nothing but draw a flag for his OL. One of the more immobile QBs of the CFL...Ray. What I did like about Sims beyond his arm...for a bigger man he had pretty good wheels in all honesty...I liked the prospect of him in 3rd and short. He also showed he is willing to commit to the play and take a strong hit to get it away....not a lot of QBs will do that.

Meh Cato I think is a flash in the pan too. Jennings though does sting a bit.

Cato...I always said was a flavor of the week...but he still showed as much as anything the Riders produced in the past 2 seasons. The Jenning thing was a WTF moment....neg him for 3 fricken years and then do that bs...yikes

Riders acquire QB Jake Waters from Hamilton for a neg list player.
not really giving up a whole lot, as you don't know who the neg list player is and how they will turn out ?
but of all the QBs on our roster aside from Durant we have 2 from Calgary , 1 from Toronto, 1 from Hamilton, and 1 free agent signing, are any of these bona fide 2nd stringers able to step in and be effective if Durant goes down ?
cant our massive scouting system find our own QBs ?
I know that one of the important features of scouting is identifying players on opposing teams that will fit into your system if they become available.

Neg. list player QB B.J Daniels - see link below

[url=http://3downnation.com/2016/07/09/ticats-deal-qb-jake-waters-riders-rights-b-j-daniels/]http://3downnation.com/2016/07/09/ticat ... j-daniels/[/url]

according to what I heard a while back, before we got Kinne and Moniz from Calgary, that B J Daniels was the QB that everyone was high on, and now all we seem to be getting are other teams discards ?
or is it that Daniels didn't want to play here and they desperately need a short yardage QB that they felt that they had limited options ?
with one of the largest scouting staffs in pro football it makes me wonder ? or was it all show but no go ?
maybe someone can inform me as to the state and size of the current scouting staff ?

I've heard that if he looks at the CFL it won't be for over a year...if at all. I think it is a stupid trade either way on the surface...not knowing if there was a back story makes some of the neg list moves hard to say much on though

Well lets see now, we bring in fat boy slim and he was a ghost,well as much as that is possible at his size. We bring in Coleman and can't help think he is on his way out. We bring in Muniz and he can't hold onto the ball now we go after a guy that has little to no intent on playing in the league. Oh yes lets not forget we sign a guy that was in a medical induced coma with a terrible disease that effects the nervous system. Yeah this seems about right.

Sniff, sniff, sniff, what is that odor? Ahh the stench of desperation in all its glory. We give up yet another neg list player and who knows who that was,for another guy that says " But I have no intention of playing here"

Hey why not just take an ad out on the internet? You know worded something like. " If you can walk at a brisk pace, have ever played any sport at any time in your life, or know where Canada is then please come to Regina and try out for a new and exciting career possibility playing pro football. Bonuses will be paid to those that have actual football playing experience. Preference will be given though to those that even know what a football is and are not still in a coma, but even those that are will be taken into consideration as the Riders are an equal opportunity employer.

Geez Louise I mean really? Enough of this taken long shots in the dark and actually bring in some players that, God forbid, don't gag at the thought of playing here? I know where is the challenge in that?

Like I said about the DT signing. I give the guy full credit for his courage and his attempt at a comeback but sorry this again seems like such an unrealistic long shot.

I mean is this something that Murphy did in Calgary and we just didn't get wind of it? Or is this a new thing the CFL is experimenting with and only the Riders volunteered to try it? I could see the ad for that too. Give us 3 weeks and we can make anyone a football hero. It sound like a publicity stunt but frankly I'm not laughing.

we go after a guy that has little to no intent on playing in the league
who is that? Are you talking Daniels...the Neg list player they traded? he was not Neg listed by the present staff....even that said....are you supposed to not neg list someone and just assume he may not want to go north? He was negged 3 or so years ago. He was a great prospect to neg list...I will give BT that....I am disappointed they moved his rights.

As for Moniz....last fumble was bad...first was on Clark....who is wretched in any situation the QB moves up for a direct snap...ie jumbo set. He has snapped like 7 of them and pooched 3 or 4 and been dominated on the inrush on each...he is not built for that situation....they need to move away from him for direct snaps. Moniz did well in the past in short situations

I am fine with the revolving door...keep it spinning until they are happy with someone they find....are you suggesting they should just suck it up and keep someone they have had even if they are not happy with them? Seems foolish to me....I love that they are not settling. They do seem happy with Gale though....first guy other than DD they seem to be in all honesty

I’ve heard that if he looks at the CFL it won’t be for over a year…if at all. I think it is a stupid trade either way on the surface…not knowing if there was a back story makes some of the neg list moves hard to say much on though

This is what I’m referring too and I agree with you. This is a stupid trade Plus the guy that we were suppose to get from that Argos but he decided to quit rather then come here and that was pretty well a given too.

No I’m not saying to settle for what we have but don’t waste time on these pie in the sky long shots and don’t waste trades on them either. We look like morons for even attempting these hail Mary signings. Sure keep bringing in guys but the first question before even wasting anything on them should be are you even willing to come here and play? I mean how pointless is the whole process if they have no intention of even showing up? I don’t think that should be too much to ask of Murph and Jones.

Spot on jimmy

So you believe they should commit tampering by asking? Not often are teams going to permit one speaking to players in advance as even if they say sure they will move but then things don't pan out in the trade they know they are on the block...they might elect to keep player around for a long period and were only really interested in this particular trade but you have effected their attitude now. I can understand penciling in a condition such as reporting and passing the medical...but that is unheard of in trade contracts to date. If the season is over and it is a pending FA...sure...they might permit a discussion with the player first.

No I'm not saying they should violate any rules but would it be so bad to put it in writing if the player refuses to report or can not pass the physical that there be either compensation or the deal is void? How many times do you see a player not report or refuses to play for another team in any other major sport? Yes some players have no trade contract and I have seen it where they do ask a player if they would waive that if they were traded to team X. Still it is a rare occurrence that it comes up and most of the time the player agrees to the move.

It seems with the low salary in the CFL that more and more players are starting to balk at being moved. Something needs to be done to protect the team that a player refuses to go to and if that means all contracts must have the conditions I mentioned above then so be it. Even if the CFL doesn't implement it as a league then our GM should. IF there is nothing to hide the team that is making the deal shouldn't have a problem with it. If they balk at the conditions then obviously they know something or are very suspect that the player wouldn't move.

Frankly if it is a neg list player I wouldn't really call it tampering to be able to talk to a player first to see if they would even consider the move. I mean they are after all not officially on any team but just on a list of a team that has his rights. In fact the league should encourage it so there is no debate on whether the deal was done with good intent.

I'm just getting tired of us making trades or deals and then seeing nothing positive for it and we are out whatever we gave the other team. By this I mean the player we were suppose to get or at least have the potential to get wants to have nothing to do with the team for whatever reasons that may be.

Riders trade a neg list player and a conditional future to Edmonton for D lineman Cedric McKinley and a neg list player.

Conditional future - round 8 pick in the 2018 draft.

I like this move...Jones obviously knows the guy and he knows Jones system...and with the injury to Williams they needed the big DT brought in...very noticeable at times in the game