Early Grey Cup Thoughts, 2023

I’d love to see Hamilton make it through.
Ham Wpg or Ham Cgy… either one would make me happy.

Very unlikely, though.

A Hamilton / BC Cup would suit me just fine . If not I would settle for an Winnipeg / Montreal Cup simply because it has never happened before . Lastly I would settle for a rematch of 2021 between Hamilton / Winnipeg.

Honestly the last thing I want to see is the Effing Anchors playing anybody at THF in the Grey Cup :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting: :anchor: . I am hoping and preying that the history and legend of 1989 repeats itself for those 16-2 Anchors and the ghosts of that 16-2 Eskimo team comes back to haunt them . :ghost: :crossed_fingers:t2: :skull_and_crossbones:


But will it not be so much fun to see the Anchors get a can of ass whip opened on them in a cup final. I know all West fans enjoy seeing that happen to to the Stamps… But I am highly biased😀

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I remember Eugene Lewis being interviewed after last year’s East Final at BMO. The Alouettes wanted it badly and the defeat was bitter.

Remember Montreal has Anthony Calvillo with Jason Maas and Cody Fajardo (Alotta…Alotta Fajardo). Edmonton was a lock in 1989 before the 'Riders stunned them at Commonwealth.

Now, if Hamilton beats Montreal it sets up an incredible East Final in Toronto, and in my heart that is what I want to watch. The Hamilton fans will be rabid in the hopes of defeating the mighty Argos to go on and host the Grey Cup.

Either way I see Toronto getting beat.

Out west, Rick Campbell is the wild card who makes me believe B.C. is going to win. We had him in Ottawa and he did incredible things like winning the East despite having a losing record. I prefer Winnipeg in my hopes but Campbell gives me the willies.

That leaves Calgary to harken the 1981 Ottawa Rough Riders. History shows crazier things have happened in the hallowed CFL.

Hamilton Calgary, with the shtamps taking the lead in the dying minutes on a kickoff run back only to be denied the victory because of a controversial clipping call….


or in the case of the riders nightmare. 13 men on the field during a failed attempted 3 pointer. I still have post mortem heart attacks .

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I’ll see your 13 men
Raise you a knee and a finger tip


500 rider fans jumped off of bridges after that game.
Not very tall bridges mind you . We ain’t that fanatical.


Hear me out.

The last two years, Winnipeg wrapped up the division early and rested players, and then played very rusty in both Division finals.

Not so this year. I think they come out ready to manhandle whoever wins tomorrow between Calgary and BC. I would not be shocked by BC winning, but I don’t see it happening.

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The bomber QB is not playing hurt either.

Are we sure about that?
The last couple of games I saw Collaros looking a bit hesitant to get real drive off his right leg. This has limited his hip rotation and caused the ball to sail high. It’s not like him to have fundamental footwork errors. Fajardo, sure, but not Collaros. Makes me wonder if his right leg is slightly tweaked.


fajardos issue is no O line and receivers with catchable dropped balls than any other thing.

Don’t think there’s any doubt Collaros is 100% - but few players this time of year are.

Obviously, despite the dogged attempt in the media to say they’ll be ready from the get-go, Bombers will come out of the gate historically rusty.
If there’s any kind of breeze, frigid temps and the like Collaros will be further hindered as he doesn’t want to be hit hard to the frozen turdra and leave the game. Equally, a stiff breeze will turn almost all Collaros pass attempts over 20 yds into jump balls. Bomber o-line will have to be ship-shape and live up to its billing, allowing Olivera to romp for at least 100 yds. Schoen is at least 80% out for the WF but Demski & Sweet Daddy Sneaky (Rasheed Bailey) are moderately nicked and could be game-time decisions.

He has technical flaws with his delivery, as well. Namely, he consistently drops his elbow, which leads to more of a rainbow trajectory, plus he locks on target and never moves his eyes. The cheerleaders know where the ball is going before he throws it.

To be sure, no oline is huge. But he needs a better oline than many could get away with because of his slow reads. Even with that, he needs a dedicated qb coach to teach him some fundamentals that he should have learned much earlier.

so with that inind, critique Bo Levi for us.

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I haven’t seen him play in 2 years

:grinning:trash talk ain’t fun ifin only I participate


Rapid and permanent decline since 2018. I would start Taylor Powell over him. We’ll see tomorrow if Hamilton’s managerial mistake in signing him will keep giving to their opponents or if they will stop throwing good money after bad, so to speak. Hamilton has a decent chance to win if Shiltz starts. If Bo starts I’m betting the house on Montreal.

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Simply put - Bo-Levi has worn out his welcome as a legit CFL starting quarterback. He may have a few tricks 'n treats left in his hobble-bag but not much. Hamilton will advance to the EF on the shoulders of inexperienced Matthew Schiltz vs. Hobo Bo.

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agreed . But I do not call it a marginal mistake for the cash they spent nor for keeping Bo this long .
Of course, if Bo pulls a rabbit out of his Ass and wins the cup then of course I will just be one more fan that knows nothing