Hey people,

The Als look unbeatable right now. The defense is playing amazing. And their offense hasn't even reached its potential. Throw in the fact that certain key players like Davis Sanchez and Ezra Landry haven't played yet, and you have a really scary prospect: A DOMINANT MONTREAL ALOUETTES TEAM.

Honestly, the East is too weak for the Als. They benefit from having to play the leaderless Ti-Cats and the overrated Bombers. Speaking of overrated, they'll shutdown Ricky Williams who has failed to live up to his expectations. They'll probably wreck the Argos without Grandpa Damon.

In the West, I don't see any team that can seriously compete with the Als. Saskatchewan 's secondary is dismal. The BC Lions receiving corps is depleted. Calgary will be Calgary and find some way to choke. And the Als are hungry for revenge against the Edmonton Eskimos. The Als will exploit each and every weakness of every team. Conversely, no team can take advantage of the Als' weaknesses because I don't think that the Als have one themselves.

Don't get me wrong. I don't even like the Alouettes. But I think that they will win it all this year. Your opinions?

congrats on yuor discovery

Montreal has only played 2 teams, End of story.

winnipeg has played a team 2 times that is using its 2nd string qb



No doubt the Als thus far are the class of the league. But wait, we have seen this explosive start for several years and to include some premature talk of a perfect season.
As we know, the CFL is a marathon and not a sprint.

We all know this guy is out in left field but he didnt mention a perfect season

I didn't say that the Als will have a perfect season. For sure, they'll lose a game or two towards the end of the season . They'll play their bench once they have 1st place locked up in the East.

I'm looking at their opponents and there isn't really anybody that can match up against the Als. So again, they're favorites right now to win the Grey Cup.

yawnnnn, another retared als fan that decides to jump on the band wagon. can't wait til they come crashing back to earth, should come soon enough.

Wow someones bitter

Als look good but goota not follow the Colts footsteps and put up good seasons just to blow it in the playoffs

He said he wasn't Als' fan.

As for crashing back to Earth, you mean like Bombers?

No one in right mind believes that Als will coast with un beaten season to GC berth or victory.

How many times does it have to be said that anything can and does happen in this League?

Sure, my Als are unbeaten now. But unless they really get offence going, they'll lose more than a few games.

i just think the als are overrated since they've faced the ticats and bombers twice each, bombers are a good team but matthews know their strategy. ticats suck. and they face them agian this week IIRC, so they'll be 5-0, not as impressive if they had faced more than 1 good team this season

plus their O is really underacheiving. if they keep it up i might have to say that calvillo has lost a step, but hopefully that statement won't have to come out

Yogi now you are making sense! You are right the Mighty Al's have not played a good team yet this season! :lol:

.......it certainly looks like the Als will be leading the East at this point in the season....they are beatable, but the team to do it is going to have their hands full....

still having a hard time reading the entire post aren't you, you rube

altho the Als are undefeated, they've only beaten 2 teams.

i'm gonna wait until they beat some other teams b4 i annoint them the future champs.

oh!, I like that avatar Dgod.

anyway, Alouettes should be one top of everyones list to win the GC in november, AT THIS POINT, but we still have a long season to go. They will likely win the East bye again though.