Early cuts around the league,

Edmonton has released Josh Ranek, Montreal released Keith Stokes and Donovan Carter. The coaches will be burning the midnigt oil tonight around the league. It will be interesting to see how many other veterans get cast adrift. Definately a exciting/sad time of the year.

surprized to see Ranek go. I think Butler played his way off the roster. I wish all 4 could stay.

Ham will let go of some good young players.

Ranek had a great first part of camp but then he got hurt and didn't participate too much after that.

Ranek, eh...

It's interesting to note that many, if not most, of the "name" players that the Cats have traded or released in recent years haven't stuck anywhere else.

Some fine players/men among them, but apart from a few TDs by Brazell and, if I recall, one good game by the twice discarded Cavil, the Cats have yet to really be made to eat crow on most of these controversial moves.