Early bird season tickets are way too highly priced

TBH I still don’t get why the lions still have stupid ticket prices, almost every person in bc says that’s the biggest reason why people don’t go is because of the ticket prices and they say you get big saving on 2019 season tickets and it’s average saving at $20 if you buy now?? Like what, the most expensive season ticket should be no more then $650 If they want bums on seats and my god thouse end zone (noise bleed) seats should be $15 to $20 a game because it’s not the NFL, and alow student discounts to uni and college students,

If the lions ever want to be profitable they gotta get people to show up, and only having the 27,000 lower bowl open will not make you money,

They should at how Edmonton has there set up for commonwealth and replicate that at bc place, it’s possible to have over 30 to 35,000 and possibly upwords of 40,000 people there for the important games, they just have to do more and make the tickets finacally avalible and common sense for the people

And obvs they can’t just sell cheap af tickets but they need a 2 to 5 year plan to get people to show up

“Stupid ticket prices”?? You can sit in the best sideline seats for less than $80 a ticket per game including all fees & taxes. Or the end zones for less than $30 a game. What fans pay for Canucks tickets is ridiculous or Seattle Seahawks ones in American dollars is completely absurd. The BC Lions and the CFL in general are a bargain in comparison.

$80 is to high, should be $60 for 50 yard line and every section drop equal till it’ll hit $15 for the end zone seats, this isn’t the NFL you can’t sell end zone seat for more then $20 people don’t care that much, but have both teirs open in bc place so you’ll have twice the number of good seats

The Lions are completely out of touch in regards to price points for their tickets. They are not the Canucks and need to price their tickets accordingly. Their ticket prices are way too high, and not conducive to getting casual fans to come out to games.

When the Lions were doing well, the team was drawing 35,000 fans to games but then uncle Dave got greedy following the roof renovation and fan support has been dropping like a stone ever since.

Well I’ve also heard the lions are paying a $&@! Load to play at bc place, somthing like hosting a grey cup is more expensive then what they pay to use the stadium for the hole stadium, but I guess you can’t blame the lions, that’s the provincial government company that runs the stadium, to bad cause I bet the lions could draw good crowd if it was priced right

Lol been to a Canucks game lately?

Yeah and what a waste of money that was, if the lions were on a win streak like Calgary or had the fans like Saskatchewan then yes, but this franchise is rebuilding its image, now I’m not saying saying sell 50 yard line tickets to $30 lol but I’m just saying if they went for $65 or $70 rather then $90 more people would go, you’ll be able to open up the upper bowl and have probobly have between 30,000 to 40,000 that’s what the lions should be aiming for, Vancouver has a lot of people there’s no reason if they accauly tried a thing called “promotion? that every game it’ll be a good turn out, and in regards to this form title, there Christmas sales for season tickets are to high,

Sheesh… I guess punctuation, spelling and some sentence structure is going the way of the dinosaur.

TBH and imo the dwindling crowds in Vancouver are not overly related to pricing. The in-game experience is dated and a lack of marketing strategies to tie in to stadium close-by resties and bars are more important. The attacking constant music and loudspeakers yelling at you to “make some noise” is overwhelming at times. Everything inside feels manufactured and forced. I think teams are wise to allow their fans in attendance some room to breathe as opposed to the belief that every available moment should be filled with some sound.

Perhaps this new regime will be refreshing in their approach. For instance I think every home game should have it’s own theme. Retro night, alumni week, minor football week, hokey half time event week, local band week, etc.

Couldn’t have said it better and completely agree with this. Not only the belief that every available moment has to be filled with “manufactured sounds”, it seems like every non-live football moment is an opportunity to blast another ad, commercial or someone selling something in our faces… no wonder fans would rather just stay home and watch it on TV where they have control.

It’s the same thing in Edmonton constant noise, no time to relax and enjoy the stadium and the game