'Early Bird' Pricing ... ends tomorrow!

Just a reminder folks ...the 'Early Bird' pricing for Season Ticket packages expires tomorrow ..... Saturday, February 9th.

All accounts paid in full by tomorrow will receive the 'Early Bird' pricing !!

Let's "keep 'em busy" down at 1 Jarvis Street.

See ya there!

I won't be getting tix. I'll just have to hopeI canget tixon gamedays for 1/2 the games instead of wasting my money on tix I can't use. Too bad for me really. Its been a very long time since I couldn't find someone to go with and cushion the blow of unused tix

Hey...don't forget about the deal with season's tickets that if you don't use them....you can turn them in for a ticket of equal value at a following game!

I've renewed, and quite frankly it is a GREAT DEAL to be able to turn in unused tickets for replacements.

I've never been "hung with tickets" in 4 years :thup:

There are times when we can't get to a game and living 162ks from the stadium and arranging travel for a bunch can be a chore...but really having this option is nice! :thup:

You will find your account manager very helpfull in getting tickets "together" if you end up needing to take advantage of this "option".

"Season's" is the way to go. If you can swing it...you won't be disapointed!***

***and NO...I don't have shares in the Ticats, I'm just very pleased with the way we are treated by Bob and his crew!

The Dogs also have a turn in program. Getting extra tickets for another game that I can't sell doesn't really reduce my financial loss there either. I don't consider giving away my tickets an benefit of having seasons. I bite the bullet on Dogs tix because even with the games I miss I'm still saving money over walk up prices. When the tickets are therefore effectively free anyway I have little frustration donating my unused tickets to various youth groups and friends as I do every year. The Cats don't come close to hitting the break even point unfortunately