Early Analysis Of Our Bomber Roster - RB'S

This may just be the position that may be the most competetive at training Camp!!

Fred Reid (28 Yrs Old 5’8 185 LBS) - FredEx is an excellent when the OLINE opens holes for him. Fred is elusive and is fast, his experiens at the end of last season (crappy runs due to Kelly’s coaching) Even though he practically disapeared the last half of 2009 Fref is still a threat when the OLINE does there job, Fred will benefit from a new coach and playbook.

Yvenson Bernard (26 Years old 5.09 207) Bernard had a great rookie season and has more size than Reid, he also catches the ball better than Fred, Bernard is a threat if he runs the ball and a threat catching passes out of the backfield. Solid hands and good speed. Yvenson and Reid make a great team in the backfield.

Emmanual Marc (28 Years Old 5’9 205 LBS) - I don’t know to much about Marc, but was invited to camp for a reason. I cannot see Marc starting ahead of Reid and Bernard. Not sure if he is just training camp fodder or is a special teams player.

Daryl Stephenson (25 Years Old 6’2 242 LBS) One of our draft choices in 2008 or 2009, If Daryl makes the team he provides us with a FB type of RB with his size. I would guess he isn’t to fast, but is a big back and would probably be used as a blocker or special teams.

** 2009 Draft Pick ** Anthony Woodson (22 Years Old 6’0 196 LBS) Not much to go on here but his college stats are impressive. Anthony led Canada West in rushing yards in 2007, he had 1,183 Yards, he was a conference all star

Post Draft Player ----Guillaume Senecal (i believe he is only 22 Years Old) 6’0 200 LBS Senecal Guillaum is a bigger back but i would’nt expect him to make the tema on offense, but many people said that this kid is a great open field tackler and a special teams demon. Won’t take many if any offensive runs, but chances are he will probably be a special teams player if he makes the cut.

i dont see anyone taking reid or bernards spots this season. in my eyes the competition of for the fb or 3rd back role, which will be mostly special teams. but hey you never know