Early Analysis Of Our Bomber Roster - Offense

With all the talk over the past few weeks about Buck Pierce, i thought now that Buck is a Bomber we can talk about something else, so why don’t we analyze The Bomber Roster thus far as of today April 12/2010. I must add that i am pleasently surprised by the signings by Mack and LaPo, finally feels like we actually have some professional people running the team, a long time coming. Feel free to add your opinion BB fans, other teams fans please analyze your own team, not ours as you really have no clue about our team!!

Quarterbacks - Buck Pierce, Steven Jyles, Ricky Santos and Adam Dimichele

Finally we see a proven winner and CFL vet behind center with Buck, his accuracy and winning PCT. and attitude cannot be discredited, Buck makes our team even better and i believe our QB stable is one of the most promising in the league. Steven and Buck bring experience and a couple QBS with strong arms and pretty good mobility, Buck is more accurate and has more experience than Jyles, but Jyles provides us with a second QB who has seen a CFL field. I will not count out youngsters Santos and DiMichele, both have tremendous tools to be successful in this league, both have a team first attitude and only makes our teams QB depth that much better. I will go out on a limb and state that One or Both Santos and DiMichele will move up the depth chart within 2-3 years max.

Running Backs/Fullback - Fred Reid, Yvenson Bernard, Emmanual Marc, Darryl Stephenson and Jon Oosterhuis

Freddy did not finish the 2009 season that strong, but which Bombers did? I expect a great 1-2 punch with Reid and Bernard. Fred should rebound from a somewhat dissapointing season and is alway’s a threat to break the big one, Bernard gives us the option to play him as the bigger back who is a good blocker, still has speed and the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, one more weapon on our offense. I don’t know to much about Marc but looks promising, big question is can he break the roster with Reid, Bernard etc. will be tough but ya never know. Stephenson is the biggest back and a Canadian, had a pretty good ST performance last season and may be used more in 2010 as an alternative blocker and a bigger body out of the backfield. Jon Oosterhuis was steady on ST, but doesn’t really impress me in the backfield running the ball but has the size to help block but he is 33 YRS old and may be hard pressed to make this team again.

Reciever’s/Slot Backs - Terrance Edwards, Adarius Bowman, Jabari Arthur, Aaron hargreaves, Will Franklin, D.J Hall, Vincent Marshall, Brock Ralph, Scott McHenry, Joshua Svec and Kenny Strickland

Promising group of talent at this position and alot of youth and i didn’t even figure in Titus Ryan who may return as well. Edwards is a proven 1000 YD reciever when healthy, but is still a threat every time he takes the field. We all seen what Bowman can do and him and Edwards provide us with 2 steady proven reciever’s and Bowman is still young. Arthur has been tagged as a great Canadian Reciever and has good size, have to wait and see if they hype is true, Hargreaves is the same as Arthur, great size and great hands and provides us with a better NI recieving group. Ralph is another Canadian but has the most experience and is pretty steady but may be pushed by the younger guys. Don’t know to much a about Svec who is smaller in size and is another Canadian who will be pushed in TC. Marshall has seen a CFL field in Saskatchewan and has pretty good speed, may be the answer at the #3 or #4 spot but other reciever’s we have may turn out to be better player’s such as D.J Hall, Strickland and Franklin. All three are still young and from what i have seen have a great chance to be one of those diamond in the rough finds, Hall excites me the most, but i cannot count out the other guys as i don’t know much about either. McHenry is another young Canadian and has size and is a promising NI option, this makes for a great competetive TC for all of them.

Oline/Guard/Tackle - Derek Armstrong, Luke Fritz, Glenn January, Kelly Butler, Steve Morley, Ryan Donnely, John Hashem, Adam Bestard, Abrahim Khan, Brendan Lapatte and Mike Morris.

This group is young but no arguing there skills and sizes, Oline will surprise all in my opinion. Khan is an experienced player and fan favorite, great team player. Fritz and Morley are two Big bodies and both are Canadian, Fritz has the experience but Morley may just surprise everyone, they both seen action last year. January is young and had a good season in 2009 and i believe will only get better. New comers Hashem and Butler are monsters but still have great mobility and both are promising and may just make our Oline one of the strongest in the league. Armstrong is another promising player even though he is not as young as most of these guys but we signed him for a reason. LaBatte has lived up to expectations of when we drafted him and has enough experience under his belt to be a proven starter. Bestard and Morris are 2 more promising Canadian oline men but are still not that experienced, but have been drafted with high regards. Our Oline is mostly canadian with the exception of January and Butler. We re-signed Donnelly for good reason, he is a strong Canadian oline player, overall this group has tons of promise.

Sound s like you got it down pretty good to me!!

excellent evaluations for sure :slight_smile: i think we have alot of talent on this team regardless of what some may say or feel, i think lapo's offense will make these guys look even better. But just heard that vincent marshall was released so u can remove him from the receivers portion but yeah we dont look half bad at all do we. Sure we may be lacking some of the "big name" talent but big name talent doesnt mean you're guaranteed to win.

I like what mack has done and is doing.I think we are on the right path. I truly beleive that :slight_smile:

I think the biggest impact Pierce will have will be on our coaches.

They now know they have a veteran behind centre and can throw the playbook wide open from day 1.

i agree. having buck is huge but i think jyles is capable aswell and i beleive santos and AD are too very good prospects aswell. Dimichele and Santos both have the right attitude here it seems and i think both these guys will be stars in a couple years. dimichle is a very good guy, familly oriented, great guy.. down to earth, was listening to them all speak on hustler and lawless tonight and just got the impression that well all 4 of these guys (the kids included) (AD and Santos) all have their heads screwed on tight and all are team players and i think... thats a good sign :slight_smile: i think people will be surprised this year because i think for the first time since matt dunnigan really.. we have a legit #1 in pierce, a good #2 in jyles and a great #3 and #3a is santos and AD. (no doubt all 4 stick around this year) speaking with AD, sounds like he's content in being u know on the pr or "ir" if need be. Dunno why but i get the feeling that the wpg blue bombers are gonna have great qb'ing not only this year but for years to come. :slight_smile:

.......i think we'll all agree who will be the starter.....but the number 2 spot is going to be very intriguing.....the depth at the pivot spot is that good... :thup: :rockin:Can't wait till tc get underway..

I don't know. Leting them loose with all 3 running plays at one time may be a little much, even for the experienced Bucky.

like how many different types of running plays do you need… i mean really… hand the ball off and there we go. its not rocket science, last year kelly tried multiple variations on the running game, lining guys back 15 yards… jet formations… those plays bombed… sometimes the simplest plays are the ones that work best.

It's very hard to take statements like this seriously. At minimum a good CFL team needs:

Shotgun draw
Delayed draw
Short yardage
Fullback option (trap?)

Not only do you need to be able to run most of those plays to the strong side or weak side as appropriate, but the blocking schemes have to be appropriate to the play.

The only one of those that I'd like to see teams lose from their playbooks is the shotgun draw. Or at least de-emphasize it.

Seems to me last season every team, when faced with second and long, used the shotgun draw. . . it almost never works to get the yardage needed, and is just giving up . . . heck if you're going to give up on second down, try a quick kick at least. . . I got so tired last year of seeing every team, when faced with, say, second and 15 or second and 20, lining up in the shotgun (except for Winnipeg early in the year) and handing the ball to the running back for, at most, a five yard gain. Unless you're trying to position yourself for a field goal, what the heck is the point of that? it's as annoying as throwing five yard out patterns on second and eight. . .

And. . . d&p. . . isn't "delayed draw" redundant? Seems to me a draw play by definition involves a delay. . .

With all the snaps coming from the shotgun formation, what option is there though ?

Couldn't agree more, MJ (surprise, surprise). Used sparingly, a shotgun draw on second and mildly long (e.g. second and 6, maybe second and 7) can surprise defenses and produce a first down. We got mileage out of that play using Cobourne once or twice. But it's not going to work more than occasionally, and is really a stretch if you're in second and 10 or greater. Use a RB screen, a hitch screen, a deep ball, or even a QB option, but for heaven's sake, stop handing off to the RB and hoping he can pick up 15 yards on his own.

And. . . d&p. . . isn't "delayed draw" redundant? Seems to me a draw play by definition involves a delay. . .
Well, you're right, but I was trying to distinguish between the standard shotgun draw play you might see on any down and the longer delay when you're actively trying to get defenses to bite on pass defense before you hand the ball off. BC used a lot of the latter last year and the QB really has to sell the pass before handing off.

First of all....WHATEVER offence we run in 2010 is going to be an improvement over 09.....Five yd. down and outs and dink and dunkn it down the field ain't gonna get it done...Neither will the inaccurate long bombs we had a penchant for throwing (bishop) that usually resulted in incompletions or interceptions....LaPo likes a well balanced attack with a little more empahsis on the passing game... I'd like to see more delays to Bernard on second and short to free-up Reid and offset the passing game ...Freddie was keyed on far too often in 09 and at the end of the season it really showed...We have some real nice talent like Jabari Arthur and Stephenson ...big guys with good hands, who have to see the ball more....and with a smart qb. like Pierce...we'll see more of our weapons used appropriately...I'm looking forward to a whole new style of play from the Bomber offence in 2010....with a few surprises thrown in... Lets get er done Bombers..:thup: