Early Analysis Of All The Bomber's Player's

I have decided to start a new post about our team overall, i think we can all agree that we have the youngest and a very promising group of player's. I am also impressed with the job and signings that Mack and Lapo have brought in.

I have a feeling that we will see some more player's coming to TC with the NFL draft ended, Free Agents in the NFL/CFL, NCAA player's and player's that did not get drafted in the NFL draft, also we will be holding 3 more invitation only mini camps/tryouts. I feel we may have the talent to take us to the playoffs and we will have a pretty good regular season and we have the talent to finish second in the East and you never know maybe take a run at the ALS. One thing i am concerned about is our DB spot, but the Bombers may bring in experience or the DB'S we have on the roster may turn into great player's. On top of this i believe Heffney and Ryan will be back and when they do come back it will absolutely and immediatey make a bigger impact.

Feel free Bomber fans to share what you think of the roster so far.

This is just my evaluation of the Bomber roster as of today April 23/2010


DL New Player - Remond Willis - 6'1 - 248 LBS - 25 Yrs old
DL - Odell Willis - 6'2 - 265 LBS - 26 Yrs old - finished 2009 with 26 tackles and 10 INT's