earl winfield's big night!


i posted this vid a few years ago on youtube (sorry for the crappy quality),,probably earl winfield's best night ever as a ticat. inspired by the talk on here about the best cat recevier ever,,, i think earl was the best.

Earl the pearl. What else can you say?

Earl was great that’s for sure and named after Earl Grey. Thanks for the post there emms. Have to admit, I do love that name Earl! :wink:

I was at Earl's Wall of Fame dinner a few years back and got to briefly meet him.
Awesome individual. Very well spoken and humble. Probably my favorite All Time Tiger Cat.

Less Browne did a memorable speech that evening. He told a story that Earl always said he was buddies with Michael Jordan and nobody believed him. They were each stars of their respective North Carolina University teams.

Well Earl and a few teammates went to a Raptor Bulls game. Earl said he did not want to bother MJ, but his teammates started accusing Earl of being a fake, and just making up his MJ stories. With his team mates prodding Earl reluctantly walked down during the warm-ups and hollered Jordan's name.
MJ dropped his ball and immediately ran over and gave Earl a big hug, spent a few minutes with him when Jordan should have been warming up with his team, invited him to visit in the locker room after the game, invited him to come and visit him in Chicago with the offer to stay at his house. Browne kept bugging Earl to take MJ up on his offer to stay at his place in Chicago and to take him with him. Less said the boys were absolutely speachless and the legend of Earl grew larger!!!

Great story, bandg! Thanks for sharing.

Praise Be His Name.

No doubt about it. Earl was exciting and definitely one of the best ever.

I don't know if I'm prepared to say he was the best Ticat receiver ever, however .

Others come to mind, too; like Hal Patterson, Garney Henley and Tony Champion.

My favourite was Henley because of his ability to go both ways which he frequently did.

This is not to take anything away from Earl Winnfield. He is a nice game and I was

privileged to chat with him at some practices and games. I admired his humility.

He put it all on the field.

like to see the joint jumping sun like 20 yrs ago at this game